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Lev Khasis is an entrepreneur and a banking figure who started his way in business back in the days of perestroika. The Top Manager was able to achieve success in the implementation of all his projects – he participated in the rescue of the aircraft factory, held senior positions in retail and worked for almost ten years as the First Chairman of the Sberbank’s Board. What was the life path of Lev Khasis and what is he doing now?

Lev Khasis: education and first steps in business

The entrepreneur was born on June 5, 1966, in Samara (until 1991 the City of Kuibyshev). His parents worked at Kuibyshev Aircraft Factory, a large aircraft manufacturing company, where Tu and Il aircraft were assembled. In his youth, Khasis dreamed of working in the aerospace industry and designing rockets like Sergei Korolev. At school, physics and mathematics were easy for him, so he did not see any alternatives to the engineering profession. A certificate full of good grades opened the way for a graduate to the best universities in the country, although Khasis preferred to stay in his hometown and in 1980 entered the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering of the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute named after S. P. Korolev.

Later Khasis called his student years the most interesting and eventful in his life. The businessman gratefully remembers his teachers who gave him fundamental knowledge in the field of exact sciences. Already in the early 1980s, at the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute, students could learn to design airplanes on a computer and studied applied disciplines in depth. Khasis planned to continue his education after graduation and get a specialty as a spacecraft designer, but the plans were disrupted by economic transformations in the country. The aircraft industry ended up in a deep crisis, and there was simply nowhere to build a career.

Khasis defended his thesis in 1989 and for a short time remained working at the Institute, heading the Department of International Relations. A year later, he was already the owner of the InterVolga advertising agency, which was then transformed into the Samara Trading House. During this period, the businessman actively established business ties, which helped him to sign a contract on car sales with AvtoVAZ. In 1993 Lev Khasis became the manager of the Samara branch of Avtovazbank. The new profession required an appropriate education, so the Top Manager graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation in 1995 and received a specialist’s degree in banking.

The largest project of Lev Khasis in the mid-1990s was the rescue of the Kuibyshev Aircraft Factory. The economic crisis in the country led to the fact that the company was without orders and was in the bankruptcy stage. The entrepreneur took the position of court-appointed manager of Kuibyshev Aircraft Factory and decided to get it out of debt. Thanks to his vigorousness, the company managed to sign new contracts for the assembly of aircraft, and a repair shop started working. In 1999, the key shareholder of the Factory became the company “Siberian Aluminum”, determined to increase production. At the same time, Khasis considered his mission accomplished and resigned as director to pursue a career in Moscow.

Activities in X5 Group

In 1999, Khasis moved to the capital with a firm intention to engage in retail, as the rapidly developing industry opened up wide business opportunities. Almost immediately, the entrepreneur took a senior position in the Perekrestok Trading House, and in 2002 he headed the board of directors. With his direct participation, the company successfully scaled its activities in the regions. The Trading House bought out regional retail chains and opened stores under the Perekrestok brand.

In 2002, Lev Khasis headed the management of the capital’s GUM (State Department Store) and TsUM (Central Universal Department Store) department stores. At the same time, 70% of TsUM shares were owned by companies under the control of the businessman, which made it possible to reorganize the Central Universal Department Store in Moscow. The new management reoriented the store to large tenants, significantly expanded the range, and focused on the production of goods under its own brand.

In 2001, Lev Khasis completed another higher education, this time — a legal one, having graduated from the correspondence department of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2006, as a result of the merger of Perekrestok and Pyaterochka, X5 Retail Group was formed, where Khasis took the post of chairman of the board of directors. At the same time, the Perekrestok retail chain received the prestigious Best Retail award in the nomination “The Best Project in the supermarket format”.

Lev Khasis was called a man of purpose in the company: in six years, the top manager managed to expand the X5 Retail Group retail network five times. The company acquired the stores of its main competitors: “Kopeck” and “Carousel”. By 2010, the retailer’s scaling rate had slowed down, and it was the development that Khasis had always been interested in. New information was emerging about the desire of the head to leave his post in order to implement new projects.

In 2011, the American company Wal-Mart Stores offered Khasis to take the position of vice president. Later, the Top Manager recalled that he really wanted to work in international retail with billions of turnover, so he agreed with no hesitation. The Head went to the USA for two years, where he was engaged in the integration of retail chains and financial transactions.

Lev Khasis in Sberbank

After returning to Moscow in 2013, Lev Khasis took up the post of First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank. The area of responsibility of the head included the entire retail sector. The bank’s task was to raise the level of customer service, review the mechanism for issuing loans, and create a new image of the company. Lev Khasis has become a driving force in updating client services. In just a few years, Sberbank has managed to make a qualitative leap and rise to the level of the highest world standards.

Since 2017, “Sber” was the main task for Lev Khasis – an ecosystem with many services united under one brand. Sberbank started developing additional services with telemedicine, then its own marketplace, logistics, pharmacy, and food delivery service joined them. The top manager made a bet on partnership with other large IT companies, which was later recognized as a mistake. By the end of 2021, Sberbank decided to develop independently and put e-commerce into a separate holding.

In mid-February 2022, Lev Khasis’ contract with Sberbank ended, and he did not renew it. The top manager was offered the position of the head of the newly formed e-commerce structure, but he preferred to refuse and submitted an application to the Supervisory Board of the bank with a request to release him from his position. In an interview, Khasis noted that he decided to resign from the board back in 2021 and coordinated this issue with the management.

Current occupation of the Top Manager

Currently, the entrepreneur lives in Miami and is engaged in renting out real estate. A few years ago, a businessman bought several houses in fashionable areas in the United States. Little is known about Lev Khasis’ other projects. Until 2021, he owned a stake in a company that carried out orders for the American aerospace industry, but then sold his part of the shares.

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