Angel Wye

Waldorf, MD – Angel Wye has an extensive background in healthcare and more than 20 years of experience in providing excellent care. Now she’s excited to announce the launch of her new in-home care company in Southern Maryland – Home Helpers Home Care of Waldorf, MD.

Home Helpers Home Care of Waldorf MD offers the industry’s leading model for comprehensive care with its unique care program, Cared-4SM, which provides the four necessary components to living independently. This includes Companionship Care, Nutrition and Meal Planning, 24/7 Emergency Response, and Wellness Calls to help maintain medications and hydration. Angel’s local Home Helpers Home Care is based in White Plains, and her caregivers work with clients of all kinds throughout Southern Maryland.

Wye’s mother was a nurse, and she grew up watching her work and shared her passion for helping others. That led Wye to follow in her footsteps, and when she graduated from high school in 2000, she started working as an administrator for a dialysis center. After becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and Geriatric Nursing Assistant, she went to work for a staffing center and then took a job providing bedside care for the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, which is when she trained to become an EKG Technician. After five years of working 12-hour shifts, Wye returned to school to become a Certified Medical Assistant and took a job with John Hopkins Medical Center, where she was both a valued employee and an active member of multiple committees.

“While working at John Hopkins, I noticed that quite a few of my patients lived alone. When they came in for an appointment, I would help with everything from providing care to helping them figure out how to Facetime with their grandchildren. With my healthcare background and experience working with older adults, I realized I have an opportunity to make a difference by opening my own in-home care company, which led me to Home Helpers Home Care of Waldorf MD,” Wye said.

Families looking for dependable, in-home care by fully trained, background-checked, and insured caregivers can call Home Helpers for a free in-home consultation. During this visit, Wye’s team will conduct an in-home assessment to create an effective and financially-conscious care plan. All staff members must undergo a comprehensive background check and follow strict CDC guidelines to protect clients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to serving local families, Wye is looking forward to returning to her roots of making a difference for individual clients and helping people live healthy, happy, independent lives.

“When I was a CNA, I had the opportunity to care for a young man who had been in a car accident, leaving him a paraplegic and unable to speak. I’d take him to physical therapy, I helped him do his exercises so he could relearn to walk, I’d listen to the jokes he told through his speaking device, and I got to know him on a truly human level. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and we’re still friends to this day. That’s the kind of impact I want my caregivers to be able to have and the kind of opportunities I want to give them. That’s what sets Home Helpers Home Care apart,” Wye said. “I’m also looking forward to volunteering in the community and giving back. It’s so important for businesses to support their community, and I’m excited to do that.”

For more information about how Home Helpers can serve you or your family, call 301-535-3232, email or visit

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