Dogs are energetic pets. This is great for owners that are looking for companions that are happy and active. However, that energy comes with some drawbacks. One issue that might arise is keeping your dog from running out of your yard. Here are a few tips to help you address the problem and keep your dog contained and more behaved.

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Training Your Dog To Stay In The Boundaries

If you are having problems with your dog staying in your yard and escaping, you need to consider training methods to provide them with more discipline. Boundary training will help them stay within your property. You can set your boundary to be the limits of your yard where the sidewalk starts or a tree line. Essentially, this is wherever you want your dog to no longer surpass. You will need a long leash that provides your dog the freedom to roam and explore the property and the part of your yard that you will allow them to be on their own.

Dogs are naturally curious, and you don’t want to necessarily hamper or restrict what is instinctual to them. As you train them, you will want to guide them around your yard letting them explore, and when they reach the boundary flags or the area you want them to stop, you will praise them. If they progress further, you want to recall them. Once they return to you, you will then provide them with more positive reinforcement.

Utilizing Tools And Gadgets

There are plenty of different tools and gadgets that can help you create and enforce the boundaries you want your dog to stay in. One piece of technology to consider is a GPS dog fence. This will help you create an invisible boundary to limit where your dog is free to roam, without the need of a leash or physical fence. A GPS dog fence works through a collar and application that will function on your phone. Through the app, you can create the boundary you want your dog to stay within, changing the perimeter to your liking. Your dog will wear the collar and if they surpass the boundary lines, they will be directed to return to the area where they are safe to explore and be free.

If you are worried about how this is done, there are multiple safe modes that dogs will be guided away from the restricted areas. This can be done through static, vibrations, or voice phrases that mimic the owner giving directions. Of course, you will want to pair this type of gear with some training, and eventually, your dog will no longer need the GPS fence and collar. However, if you need to change the boundaries, or end up in a new space after a move, the collar will function easily, adapting to any new property that you need to create a boundary for.

Boundary Flags

A tool that will help with boundary training would be boundary flags. These are bright-colored flags that can signify a line that your pet should not be permitted and help train them. Utilizing these flags, you will set them one foot apart around your yard. This does not have to only line the yard, but can also be used to prevent them from accessing other key points of interest, including flower beds and gardens, or pools and ponds on your property. This is also useful to bring in the boundaries or create a smaller space that you would prefer your pet to refrain from exceeding.

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General Off Leash Training

In addition to training your dog to remain on a specific property around your house, or avoid certain perimeter areas, you should also consider training and dog classes that better improve your dog’s behavior, especially when they are off-leash. This will allow them to be more responsive to commands and better behave when they are given the freedom to roam and explore. If your dog is trained off leash, you can even take them on walks without worry, as you will have confidence in their behavior.

Building A Fence

Of course, if you are having more difficulty training your dog and keeping them in the yard, one thing to consider doing is installing or building a physical fence that runs along the perimeter of your home. This fence should provide enough of an indicator and deterrent for your pet to not leave your property unwanted.

It is key that you take the necessary precautions to keep your dog safe and aware of where they are. Many dogs go missing, and an untrained dog is more likely to get lost because of the lack of discipline. Adding extra gadgets and tools can also mean all the difference when it comes to keeping your pets where they need to be.

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