Nationwide storms may be silenced, but southern Maryland is about to start its own in the boxing ring this weekend for another USA Sanctioned Boxing card.

The Willows Rec Center, located at 46961 Bradley Boulevard in Lexington Park, will once again open its doors at 2:00 p.m. to showcase 15 bouts of some local, raw boxing talent that will set to weigh in and lace up at 1:00 p.m. These boxers prepare hard and “put that work in,” as Knowledge Boxing Center’s head coach Daryl Hinmon says.

Hinmon said everyone’s focused on their fights.

“We’re all on one accord and executing our skills,” Hinmon said.

Hinmon is passionate about giving back to the boxing community, and proceeds from the event will go to Thy Harrison, the widow of Arthur “Buddy” Harrison, the beloved boxing trainer of his son, Dusty Hernandez Harrison (34-0-1, 20 knockouts), who was laid to rest on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Buddy did so much for the community after opening his gym, Old School Boxing. His legacy will continue to live on through the many lives he touched. His wife Thy and he used to deliver hot meals on Thanksgiving to the homeless community of Washington D.C. and take truckloads of clothes and shoes to give away. He will always be cherished for being a guiding light in so many ways.

“Buddy will truly be missed,” Hinmon stated. “We will give him the 10-Count standard in boxing, to honor his life. Some of the proceeds will go to Thy Harrison, his widow. He always helped us out, had us up to Old School Boxing for sparring, and was instrumental in our growth here.”

Starting the night off with the National Anthem will be Allison Shaver of Relevant Church MD, pastored by Mark White, one of the sponsors for the evening. Fernando Maldonado will be the ring announcer for Southern Maryland Smoke 3.

One of the headlining re-matches will be Knowledge Boxing Center’s Devante’ ‘Quiet Storm’ Alexander vs. Johnny ‘The Blizzard’ Lange, Jr. of Triple Threat Gym located in Capitol Heights. Triple Threat Gym also brings Maurice Blanco to rematch against Drayce King of KBC and a show-stopper with D’lante Briscoe (KBC) vs. Keith Saunders (TTG).

Philip Carpenter-Powell (KBC) will rematch Jonathan Mondesire of O’Connor Boxing in Hyattsville.

Erniece ‘Scrap’ Dawson of Knowledge will rematch Upton Boxing Gym’s Teaira Skinner, a match she won over the summer.

Lange’s team approached Hinmon about the rematch, and Alexander said he was very ready.

“I think it went pretty good, but I think I could have done more last time,” Alexander said as he reflected on the August 13th match-up. My ultimate goal is to win a belt. I’m going pro at the beginning of next year. I’ve been doing a lot of sparring and running, for sure. We’re mainly working on executing what we’ve been working on here and applying that in the ring.”

Great Mills graduate Marlin Smith is thrilled to be taking on a new opponent in the Open Class. He’ll take on DeAngelo McDonald (Diamonds in the Ruff) in Washington, D.C.

Smith said he’s been sparring a lot, getting out to see new talent in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Washington D.C.

“I’ve been to Champions Gym and Old School Boxing working hard,” Smith said. “I’m sharpening my tools and working toward becoming a better boxer. I was 18 years old when I first walked through these doors, and I was just coming off of football season [at Great Mills High School], and I wanted to get into boxing because I always wanted to get into it.”

Smith said he immediately started sparring with one of his football teammates.

“He pushed me hard, and it made me think like, wow; I need to take this seriously,” he said. “I’ve been so excited about getting in there. I’ve been the type of learner that listens first, and then I talk; I was like that in school as well. I’m a visual learner as well. It’s a new opponent for me. I’m looking forward to the experience.”

Smith said he has his vision set on going professional.

“We have great aspirations for Smith for sure,” Hinmon said. “He’s taking time to develop, sparring a lot. We’re not sure when he’ll turn pro, but he has the desire.”

King said he feels ready for his rematch.

“I’ve just been working on my skills to ensure I’m ready for Saturday,” King said. “I’ve been getting more practice in, and I’ll be going to Pennsylvania to get some work in as well. I’ve been eager and excited to see what I can become here [at Knowledge Boxing Center].”

“It’s cool to see that we’re growing and that people are recognizing the good talent that is coming out of KBC. My ultimate goal is to work through these fights and get into the Open Class.”

Hinmon said he’s impressed with King’s consistency.

“King has been growing; he’s gotten taller,” Hinmon said. “He’s consistent and has a high level of integrity and character. He’s putting in the work.”

DJ Dallas will be supplying the music for the event. Let him know you appreciate him as well. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s office supplies security for the day, and Hinmon thanks them for their continued support. Manson Dixon Line, LLC., Delegate Brian Crosby, Deb Rey for Delegate, Uncle D’s Grill, Cheseldine Auto Group, Garage Doors and More, King and Queen Sea Moss, and Stockton Contracting are all sponsors for the event. Hinmon stated he is thankful for the continued support.

“Willows has good food and beer on tap,” Hinmon said. “Thank you for your continued support, and I hope the community enjoys the talent we showcase. We try to bring the best out.”

Visit for tickets, or you may purchase them at the door. VIP tickets are $50.00, ringside $30, and general admission is $20.00. Kids 10 years and under are $15.00. The Willows Rec Center provides food and beverages. Please present your photo ID for alcoholic beverages.

If you require lodging for the weekend, Country Inn & Suites is located at 44941 Worth Lane in California. The telephone is 240-384-2226, and Extended Stay is located at 46565 Expedition Drive in Lexington Park. The telephone is 240-725-0100.

The team will again participate in the Golden Gloves tournaments that begin in February 2023 and are set to run through April 2023. If you’d like to sponsor the team in any way, contact coach Hinmon.

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