The foundation is 95% complete for the new Twin Beaches Branch. In the foreground of the picture below, you can see the base of the stairs/planter boxes that will go to the front door and the beginnings of the elevator shaft taking shape behind them. Walls and columns will be coming in the next two weeks. 

Construction activity continues at the site of the new Twin Beaches Branch Library. Contractors have been working on the initial excavation, grading, and utility relocation.

The new sewer, water, and stormwater utilities have been installed. Once underground wires are relocated, the construction site will be more active. Heads up! The sidewalk on Chesapeake Avenue is closed in front of the construction site. Pedestrians walking on Chesapeake Avenue should cross the street in the crosswalk at 5th Street or 7th Street to avoid walking in the roadway.

Please be aware that you will see construction activity on the new Twin Beaches Branch Library site beginning next Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Preliminary construction activities include demolishing the sidewalk, installing traffic control signage, and installing erosion and sedimentation controls. On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 5th Street, between Chesapeake Avenue and Bay Avenue, will be closed. Other traffic patterns in the area will remain unchanged.

Updates for this project will be shared as they are received from Calvert County and contractor Scheibel Construction. More information on the new Twin Beaches Branch can be found here.

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