Burglars have a goal in mind. They aim to enter and exit your house as soon as possible while taking as much as possible. The fourth most popular entrance point for burglars is your home’s garage, so if you keep expensive cars, motorcycles, and other valuables inside, you must make it safer. To assist you in protecting your home garage against break-ins, we have conducted a thorough investigation and have ultimately compiled the following simple and efficient solutions.

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Make Sure Your Garage Doors Are in Good Condition

In addition to affecting your home’s energy efficiency, old garage doors that are cracked, have faded paint, and don’t create a tight door seal reduce your home’s exterior appeal. They compromise home security as well. A broken garage door might leave gaps or spaces that make it simpler for a thief to enter your garage. For this reason, you ought to consider repair. But take caution; as described on the website for garage door repair in Baltimore, MD, only skilled professionals should carry out significant repairs. Without the proper training, fixing a malfunctioning garage door may be risky.

The second option is to replace your old garage doors with any of the many modern designs available to modernize your home’s appearance and make your garage safer. Due to its longevity and the wide range of bespoke design possibilities available to homeowners, steel garage doors, in particular, are a preferred option.

Install Security Camera

According to 85 percent of police authorities, monitoring systems deter burglaries. Furthermore, 60% of thieves check for security cameras before committing a crime. With figures like those, the efficiency of security systems in preventing robberies is undeniable. Over the past several years, security technology has advanced substantially, making security systems increasingly effective at deterring theft. For instance, cutting-edge technology now makes it feasible to monitor unattached garages without power through video. With a mobile device, you can view your home in real-time from several video surveillance systems, giving you the power to decide what instant action to take.

Install Tinted Security Film on Windows

If it is uncertain if there is anything valuable behind your garage door, a would-be burglar will be less likely to enter. They will be prevented from seeing you while the light still gets in, thanks to tinted security film, an affordable and simple-to-install film made of laminated polyester that adheres to your garage door windows. Additionally, the coating makes it more difficult to smash the glass. There are alternatives for tint-free security window films if you want the breakage protection of the film but not the tinting.

Take the Garage Door Remote With You

Never leave the garage door remote inside your vehicle. It would be far too simple for someone to get into your car, obtain your address, and then use your remote to open your garage door and enter your house. Take the garage door remote with you when you go inside, whether at work, out shopping, playing, or having your car parked in the driveway. Purchasing a keychain-mounted remote control for your key fob is an alternative.

Use Well-Placed Padlock

You don’t want to make breaking into your garage simple since that would also make breaking into your main house simple. Consider some traditional padlocks if you don’t feel like spending much money on a security system. With this simple, low-cost modification, you can secure the door that opens to your main residence. It might not fully discourage burglars, but it will surely slow them down. This is especially true if you pair a padlock with additional security measures.

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Get to Know Your Neighbors

Burglaries are less likely to happen in close-knit neighborhoods because neighbors are more inclined to watch out for one another and can readily identify something odd going on at your home. If you know your neighbors well enough, you can ask them to watch over your house while you’re gone or to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. The second set of eyes is never a bad thing! You don’t have to be particularly nice to them if you don’t want to, so don’t stress. Just be kind and sometimes engage in conversation to gain their support.

You may not notice how many valuables you have in your garage until everything is gone. Keep in mind all of these easy and practical strategies to enhance garage security and safeguard your things since some of the goods in your garage may be costly for you to replace.

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