On Tuesday, Nov. 15, County Climate Resilience and Sustainability Officer Beth Groth and University of Maryland Center for Global Sustainability representative Dan Nees provided the Board of County Commissioners with a presentation on the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation Military Installation Resilience Review (MIRR) grant project for Naval Support Facility Indian Head and the Town of Indian Head.

County staff and the University of Maryland conducted a significant stakeholder engagement process that involved multiple meetings with key stakeholders on a variety of topics, including transportation, energy, buildings, emergency management, social concerns, and community amenities; and held forums with other MIRR grantees.


Because Indian Head is on a peninsula, it will experience impacts from rising temperatures, increasing rainfall, sea level rise, nuisance and urban flooding, and storm surge. The assessment included the area’s built environment, natural resources, and community services. Recommendations included the establishment of a NSF Indian Head Resilience Action collaborative, creation of a project portfolio, and development of a financing strategy. Nees also addressed environmental justice and equity within the area. The report will be finalized in the near future.


Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) President and CEO Sonja Cox provided an update on new electric service requests in SMECO’s Service Territory.

Open Session Briefings

  • Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services provided a presentation on the Fiscal 2023 First Quarter General Fund Review. With three months of data, year-end revenues are currently expected to slightly exceed budget and expenditures are predicted to be on target.
  • Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services provided an update on the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Health Officer Dr. Dianna Abney spoke briefly about using ARPA funds for behavioral health needs.
  • Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services provided a presentation on fiscal impact of tax credits for Seniors CitizensFirst Responders, and Disabled Veterans if implemented. 

Approval Items

County Commissioners approved:

  • revision to the Personal and Floating Holiday Days’ Policy.
  • To amend 2023 Legislative Proposals Package to add a proposal to allow special license plates options for disabled veterans.


  • Department of Public Works and Department of Planning and Growth Management provided an update on Western Parkway Roadway Improvements. Phase 3A-3 and 3B are in the design phase, which is expected to be completed by February 2023 and start construction in June 2023.
  • University of Maryland C.D. Mote Jr. Incentive Award Program Director Jacqueline Wheeler Lee provided an update on Charles County University of Maryland Scholarship Awards and students shared their experiences with the program.

Wednesday, Nov. 16

Public Hearing

County Commissioners held a public hearing on:

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Next Commissioners Session: Nov. 29 and 30, 2022

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