The Board of Education, at its Nov. 15 meeting, honored five Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) students. School principals annually select one student and staff member for Board recognition. Students are honored for accomplishments in the areas of academic achievement, career readiness, and personal responsibility.

Honored were Austin Jarrell of T.C. Martin Elementary School, Ayannah Rosier of Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School, Dwayne Washington of C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School; Amaya Ford of John Hanson Middle School; and Blake Hancock of Henry E. Lackey High School.

Pictured from left are Blake Hancock of Henry E. Lackey High School, Amaya Ford of John Hanson Middle School, Dwayne Washington of C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School, Ayannah Rosier of Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School and Austin Jarrell of T.C. Martin Elementary School. Credit: Charles County Public Schools

Jarrell is a fifth-grade student at T.C. Martin Elementary School who was recognized for academic achievement. He has attended Martin since kindergarten and has earned a spot on the honor roll every quarter. Jarrell was identified for gifted services in second grade and enjoyed reading, especially books that include superheroes and action. He is a leader in his reading group and isn’t afraid to take the lead or answer difficult questions. Though he loves reading, Jarrell feels math is his best subject. He serves as a member of the Martin math team. Jarrell created a goal at the beginning of the school year to get all A’s in fifth grade. He has never gotten a grade lower than an A in any subject since he started school. Martin Principal Todd Wonderling said that Jarrell has a quiet but strong spirit and is always helpful to his peers and teachers. “He is a leader at T.C. Martin and is always responsible, respectful, and ready to learn while serving as a safety patrol member,” Wonderling said. In his free time, Jarrell enjoys going to amusement parks to ride roller coasters, watching superhero movies, and wrestling for a club team.

Dr. Brown fifth grader Rosier was recognized for career readiness. At Dr. Brown, Rosier is a model student. “She loves a challenge and is very dedicated to her learning and academic achievement,” Dr. Brown Principal Karen Lewis said. Rosier consistently earned straight A’s every quarter since third grade securing a place on the principal’s honor roll while in the gifted reading and math programs. Lewis said that Rosier’s interactions with her peers make her a role model in citizenship. “She is kind and inclusive when working with others and is always willing to help a struggling classmate academically or socially by sharing kind words of encouragement,” she said. Rosier loves participating in extracurricular activities, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA), Destination Imagination, the Spirit Squad, and the annual Spelling Bee. She also plays the cello in the school orchestra. Outside of school, she participates in church activities, Zumba, and neighborhood cleanups. Rosier is also creative and is learning to speak Korean. She wants to have a career that helps others in her community and become an architect to design buildings that would serve people in her community.

Washington is a fifth-grade student at Barnhart, where he is a dedicated member of the safety patrol. He was recognized for personal responsibility and liked to help people stay safe and secure. Washington showcases his persistence and personal responsibility by practicing the saxophone. He works on it daily and finds time to practice on weekends. “Washington’s teachers point to his sense of humor and eagerness to learn as two of his standout traits,” Barnhart Principal Brian King, Ed.D., said. Outside of school, he enjoys playing football for the St. Charles Bears and fishing for catfish and rock bass near Budds Creek. He counts playing with his brothers and sisters as one of his favorite activities. Washington’s father said he is an outstanding older brother who shows patience and cares to his younger siblings. Washington would like to attend and play football at Florida State University.  

Hanson eighth-grade student Ford was recognized for academic achievement. “From the moment you meet Amaya, you are witness to a humble and hardworking student,” Hanson Principal Ben Kohlhort said.

She is a straight-A student and is a member of the Student Government Association and the National Junior Honor Society. Ford plays the clarinet, nabbing the third chair in this year’s All-County Band.  Her teachers say she is an excellent student with an amazing work ethic who participates in class and asks questions to ensure she understands the content. “Amaya goes above and beyond what is asked of her and is always polite. Her devotion to learning has led her to be a leader among her peers,” Kohlhorst said. Outside of school, Ford is in the Girl Scouts and participates in the Minority Scholars program. Ford wants to study politics and law and be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Hancock is a Lackey senior recognized for academic achievement. He is taking six advanced placement (AP) classes totaling 12 during his high school career. He is ranked in the Top 10 of his graduating class. Hancock is the deputy group commander for the school’s U.S. Air Force JROTC program. He is also a member of the math team, Its Academic team, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Student Government Association, the National Honor Society, and the Key Club. “To further characterize Blake’s academic prowess, he dually enrolled at the College of Southern Maryland during his freshman and sophomore years during the COVID-19 pandemic and amassed 21 credits with online schooling,” Lackey’s Principal, Kathy Perriello, said. Hancock intends to study biochemistry and aerospace engineering in college, where he hopes to join an ROTC program.

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