The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC), a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, is pleased to announce the 10th Round of the Southern Maryland Farmer Mini-Grant Program.

SMADC is now accepting Mini-Grant applications from November 30, 2022. The Mini-Grant closes on February 15, 2023, with awards announced in early March 2023. 

The Mini-Grant program aligns with SMADC’s mission to support farms and the future of agriculture in Southern Maryland. It is designed to assist new and beginning farmers who own or lease existing agricultural properties with small start-up projects and to assist experienced farmers looking to diversify or expand a current agriculture project. The projects should be simple in scope and must be completed within one year.

Grant awards are up to $2,000 per applicant and farm entity and are a one-to-one match by the farmer. A total of $40,000 in funding is available for this grant round. However, it is anticipated that the number of applicants may exceed the funding available. Therefore, grant applications will be ranked, and awards may be less than the requested amount. The program has received 173 applications, with 129 funded for $203,813.

Grant funds may be used for equipment and services that help transition a farm’s sales strategy (such as online sales, home delivery, on-farm sales, etc.), for other projects that allow the farm business to maintain and expand sales, for the purchase of foundation livestock, purchase of plant stock, marketing and promotion of current farm operation, new fencing, hoop house, and materials needed for value-added food production and on-farm upgrades to enhance food safety. Both Rural and Urban farms are encouraged to apply.

For complete details of the SMADC Southern Maryland Farmer Mini-Grant Program, including Round 10 Criteria and Guidelines, and to access the online Mini-Grant Application Form, visit ‘Farmer Resources’ to find the Mini-Grants information page.  

See Round 10 Mini-GrantCriteria and Guidelines HERE

Access the online Mini-Grant Application Form HERE

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