Governor Larry Hogan announced groundbreaking advancements today through the state’s MD THINK (Maryland Total Human Services Integrated Network) platform, including a new MD Job Genie to help better connect job seekers to employers ready to hire. First announced in 2017, MD THINK is a first-in-the-nation cloud-based platform to deliver integrated health and human services programs.

“MD THINK has completely revolutionized our ability to deliver services by breaking down traditional barriers between agencies, and providing one-stop constituent access,” said Governor Hogan. “I am proud that as a result of a lot of hard work, MD THINK has allowed us to make first-in-the-nation advancements in customer service and workforce development. This is another way we truly have changed Maryland for the better.”

DHS Achieves Complete Modernization of IT Systems. MD THINK has completely modernized IT applications at the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) into a more flexible and secure cloud based environment, meaning that the legacy mainframe system will be unplugged and decommissioned.

Within five years, MD THINK completed the modernization and statewide deployment of 100% of its human services applications, representing a first-in-the-nation accomplishment in any statewide modernization effort of the full-suite of human services. Achieving this milestone has allowed multiple state agencies to leverage the capabilities on MD THINK and effect measurable improvements to customer service.

“MD THINK is truly the first-of-its-kind in the nation, which created a transformative impact on he lives of Marylanders and has become a model for other States to emulate in the years to come,” said Subramanian (Subi) Muniasamy, the Executive Director of MD THINK, who oversaw the effort from inception to deployment of all human services mentioned.

Department of Labor Partners With Research Improving People’s Lives on MD Job Genie. In its continuing effort to better connect job-seekers to employers ready to hire, the Maryland Department of Labor has collaborated with MD THINK and non-profit Research Improving People’s Lives (RIPL) to introduce the MD Job Genie. RIPL is a tech-for-social-impact nonprofit that works with governments to help them use data, science, and technology to improve public policy and lives.

The MD Job Genie is an upgrade to the State’s existing job-search function in that it leverages Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud computing to analyze a user’s unique skills and then recommend career transitions that have resulted in empirically validated increases in earnings for Marylanders with similar skill sets.

“We are excited to partner with MD THINK and RIPL to provide our constituents with the MD Job Genie,” said Secretary Tiffany Robinson. “It is our mission to expand opportunity by giving workers in Maryland the ability to highlight and market the skills they have perfected throughout their careers and the MD Job Genie will help them do just that.”

“Having the opportunity to work on the first of its kind MD THINK platform and deliver this data-driven, personalized, and easy-to-use career matching tool for Marylanders has been a tremendous honor for RIPL,” said CEO and Vice President of External Affairs, Scott Jensen. “The MD Job Genie achieves the Department of Labor’s goal of reducing the number of doors a jobseeker must open to find opportunities that lead to lasting careers.”

Jobseekers can visit the state’s existing workforce services portal, the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE), to access the MD Job Genie and get started.

DPSCS Maryland Re-Entry Passport. MD THINK and the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) are pleased to announce the creation of a Maryland Re-Entry Passport for returning citizens transitioning from Maryland’s correctional facilities.

The Re-entry Passport allows individuals to safely and securely connect to an online portal after release where they can access critical documents like their social security card or their birth certificate. The Re-entry Passport will give previously incarcerated individuals with the ability to access this information, in one secure portal. Improving an individual’s access to critical documents helps to ensure a successful re-entry process. The Department will be piloting the program at two of its correctional facilities, before expanding access across the entire Division of Correction.

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