Our Spotlight on the Arts shines brightly on multi-media visual artist Jami Faith!

Once we saw Jami’s colorful art pieces, we knew we had to learn more about the person behind the bright colors and brilliantly bold themes. As a participant in two Community Art Shows in 2022 hosted by St. Mary’s County Arts Council, we have enjoyed spending time with our featured artist and learning about her fascinating art forms.

“Sometimes I think my brain is wired differently.” Jami had stated to us perhaps she possesses a unique style and skillful visions that combine myriad shapes and colors that allow her to produce creative works of art.

She very much enjoys connecting different media into unified collages, often represented in sets and series of similar themes.

When working with colored pencils, Jami often leans towards more muted hues and more realistic subject matter on various surfaces. Teaching colored pencil classes has been one of Jami’s favorite workshops, given the versatility of this media, the relatively inexpensive supplies, and the ability of her students to develop their skills and find success, often with little or no prior experience.

Jami enjoys working with acrylic paints on cradled birchwood panel boards, specifically Posca Pens. This recently re-discovered application of channeling exciting and outside-the-box ideas through bold and colorful acrylics has been a recent favorite media choice.

Jami notes that she often experiences “pareidolia”, which is the illusory perception of meaningful patterns or images of familiar things in random or amorphous objects, such as the image of a face seen on the moon. “In the same way that people may see a man in the moon or watch clouds to see objects or animals…I see objects and/or faces in the maps I draw. I pull out those images and add them with colored pencils to create and complete my art.”

Jami finds her inspiration from fellow artists and their work—in-person and through books- and spends time contemplating alone. Jami strives to reflect balance, joy, positivity, and imagination in her art.

After residing on the west coast for much of her life, Jami recently relocated from Salem, Oregon, to St. Mary’s County, where she now lives with her son and grandchildren. Jami has been enjoying her role as “Gramma” here and has made many new friends in Leonardtown’s artistic community.

Thank you, Jami, for being a valued part of our local arts culture, and a big welcome to St. Mary’s County!

To learn more about our Featured Artist, follow the links below:

Find Jami’s work locally at:

Reserve a class/ workshop!

To book an art class for a group of four or more, please get in touch with Jami by email at: elsewiseart@yahoo.com. This email address may also be used for other inquiries related to commissions, special requests, pet portraits, etc.

Having taught since 1998, Jami is excited to offer art classes and workshops in the St. Mary’s County area, share her wealth of experience, engage with the artistic community, and bring creativity and fun to the Art Table. At the time of this press release Jami does not have any classes currently scheduled but be sure to check her website for announcements and news about upcoming workshops.

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