Cory Adam Dare Sr., 32, was given a 12-year sentence on Feb. 17 for conspiracy to commit robbery.

St. Mary’s County Circuit Court Judge David W. Densford suspended all of the sentence except for eight months and gave Dare credit for eight months spent in drug treatment.

Dare was charged based on a Sept. 24, 2021, incident at La Quinta Inn in California. He pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor after being charged with felony robbery and several misdemeanors including assault, theft and conspiracy to commit robbery and theft.

Sheriff’s Deputy Alexander Wynnyk wrote in a charging document that Joaquin Garcia Sr. was kicked and punched by three men at the rear of the hotel, including one who had a handgun.

In court on Feb. 17, assistant state’s attorney Michael Kane said Garcia, who suffered facial injuries, was only able to identify Dare and a woman, Shanae Elizabeth Dorsey, 32.

Dare helped the woman hide $1,100 in cash that they took from Garcia, along with his wallet, iPhone and a case valued at $300. Police later found the wallet, phone and case in a room at the hotel, a court document states. The $1,100 was never recovered.

Densford ordered Dare to pay that in restitution.

The charging document said Dare stomped on the cell phone in a hotel hallway.

Dare’s defense attorney, Kevin J. McDevitt, said Dare is a drug addict. “He had come into a very large settlement,” McDevitt said, adding that Dare lost his daughter and said his parents could not provide for him. McDevitt noted that Dare’s wife, Tabitha Morgan Dare of Walhalla, S.C., posted $50,000 bond for him.

Densford noted that Dare has multiple convictions over the years. Dare is currently working at a Wendy’s and has been in a treatment center in Baltimore, McDevitt said.

Dare had short stints at several jobs, Densford said, noting Dare had stolen from some former employers and had been removed from another drug treatment program in May 2022 for allegedly selling his medication. In court, Dare denied that he was selling but said he did overuse his medication.

“All of the evidence is you are a drug addict, a liar and a thief,” Densford said.

The sentencing guidelines ranged from three to seven years, but Densford went beyond that and ordered Dare to complete five years of supervised probation. He went beyond the guidelines because of Dare’s criminal record and his duplicity.

“Here’s the only good news today … you’re not dead,” Densford said.

Dare said he has changed a lot in the last six months. “I’ve got joint custody of all my [four] kids,” he said, noting they are by three women.

“Having joint custody of your four children is silly. You can’t take care of yourself,” Densford said.

Dare said he was high when he was arrested, and said Dorsey and Garcia were cussing each other out and Garcia grabbed her wrist. Another man got into a fight with Garcia and Dorsey was on top of the victim, Dare said.

After they put the money in a hotel room, Dare said, “I think she went back and got the money.” Densford wondered why Dorsey wasn’t ordered to pay restitution in her case. “Who did she have, F. Lee Bailey?” Densford asked, referring to the famous defense attorney. Dorsey, who was represented by Bruce A. Johnson Jr. of Bowie, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit theft on June 17, 2022, and was given a six-month jail sentence by Judge Michael J. Stamm. At the time, she had already served 150 days.

Dare said he’s been on Suboxone medication, which he said takes away his craving for other drugs.

“You’re an eighth of an inch away from me putting you away to protect the public,” Densford said. He ordered Dare to stay away from Garcia and to complete a treatment program.

Dorsey has been in the Frederick County jail without bond since Oct. 12, 2022, after she failed to appear on a probation violation, according to a state website. She faces possession of drugs and paraphernalia charges stemming from June 28, 2022, in St. Mary’s County. Summonses in that case were issued on Nov. 11, 2022, and Jan. 6.

According to a June 3, 2022, letter from St. Mary’s pre-trial services case manager Monica Moncivais-Romero, Dorsey let her GPS battery die on June 3, 2022, and tested positive for cocaine and alcohol. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug possession and was given a one year of supervised probation on Nov. 18, 2022.

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