This week, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office hosted its 2022 Awards and Recognition Ceremony to honor the hard work and dedication of its deputies, correctional deputies, and civilian staff. The event recognized a total of 57 honorees for their exceptional contributions in making Calvert County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

Family, friends, and community members joined the deputies in celebrating their many accomplishments, highlighting their commitment to excellent service and community partnerships.

The event awarded the following honorees:

  • Detective of the Year, awarded by the States Attorney’s Office – DFC Edward W. Yates
  • Top Gun Deputy Sheriff – Cpl. William Durner
  • Top Gun Special Operations Team – DFC Stephen Bowlan
  • Top Gun Correctional Deputy – CDFC John Zalusky
  • Top Gun Emergency Response Team – C/Cpl. Christopher Gray
  • Explorer Community Service – Dylan Adams
  • Explorer Rookie of the Year – Joana Alvarado
  • Explorer of the Year – Cameron Kreps
  • Outstanding Performance – Cpl. Mark Robshaw (10 yrs), Deputy Taylor Strong (2 yrs), Deputy Sean Hendrickson (1 yr), Deputy Brenna Hudson (1 yr), Deputy Antonio Tavares (1 yr)
  • Patrol Squad of the Year – Squad 4 – F/Sgt. Nathan Funchion, Sgt. Elvis Carter, Cpl. Yuri Bortchevsky, Cpl. Luis Kelly, S/Dep. James Flynt, DFC Howard Anderson, Jr., DFC Anthony Aranda, DFC Curtis Callison, DFC Matthew Kwitowski, Deputy Tyler Bowen, Deputy Michael Daley, Deputy Michelle Dawson, Deputy Richard McCourt, Jr., Deputy Christopher Murphy, SCO Christopher Hengstenberg
  • Team of the Year – MCD Stephanie Hotchkiss, CDFC Vanessa Anaya-Hernandez, CDFC Kiana Brooks, CDFC Christopher Carnero, CDFC Devin Preston, CDFC James Strain, CDFC John Windsor, CD Arthur Kelly, CD Tylik Freeland, CD Cory Hart
  • Exemplary Performance – MCD Caroline Briscoe, MCD Stephen Hance, SCD David Unkle, CDFC Travin Johnson, CDFC Bradley Revoir, CDFC John Windsor
  • Meritorious Award – CDFC Christopher Carnero
  • Sheriff’s Life Saving Award – Deputy Christopher Murphy
  • Corrections Civilian of the Year – Donna Grover
  • Law Enforcement Civilian of the Year – Laura Kent
  • Sheriff’s Communications Operator of the Year – Lyndel Richardson
  • Public Safety Dispatcher of the Year – Becky Gott
  • Correctional Deputy Supervisor of the Year – C/Sgt. Vincent Bowles
  • Deputy Sheriff Supervisor of the Year – Sgt. Elvis Carter
  • Correctional Deputy Rookie of the Year – CD Nicholas Sunderland
  • Deputy Sheriff Rookie of the Year – Deputy Sean Hendrickson
  • Correctional Deputy of the Year – CDFC James Strain
  • Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year – DFC Timothy Rzepkowski

Congratulations to all of the honorees, and thank you for your dedicated service to Calvert County!

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