Maddy Pomilla, a 28-year-old charity projects manager from Huntingtown, Maryland, has been selected to participate in the upcoming season of the hit reality TV show, Survivor.

Pomilla, who describes herself as “brave, friendly, and feral,” says she is excited to be a part of Survivor because she enjoys doing things that scare her and that feel impossible. “Survivor checks all of those boxes,” she said.

When asked about a life experience that has prepared her for the game, Pomilla says that being one of five sisters has taught her to be dynamic and keep up. “To survive the Pomilla sisters, you gotta be dynamic,” she said.

Pomilla identifies most with Cirie or Omar strategically and with Malcolm swag-wise. When it comes to an alliance partner, she values someone who is practical, open-minded, not self-serious, and fun.

Pomilla’s favorite hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, making movies with her sisters, dancing all night, pretending she’s Madonna at karaoke, and laying in the grass. Her pet peeves include elitists, man-splaining, impatience, and having sand on her feet when she puts socks on.

When asked about her biggest accomplishment, Pomilla says that while she’s done some cool things, like trekking to Everest base camp, the best thing she’s done is make the hottest guy from NYU date her for the last seven years.

Something that people may not know about Pomilla is that she placed third in an ultramarathon when she was 22. She says that while she’s not as buff as everyone else on the cast, people need to know that she can at least run far.

Pomilla’s biggest inspiration in life is her four crazy sisters, who are just like her but better, and her dad, Paul. “They lead life with compassion, curiosity, honesty, and are really good, down-to-earth people,” she said.

When asked why she will be the Sole Survivor, Pomilla says that she loves living in the grey area where anything could happen at any moment, and she plans to coast on chaos and have fun doing it.

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