During the 2023 Maryland Legislative Session, Mayor Patrick J. “Irish” Mahoney actively participated in several House and Senate bills. As Mayor of Chesapeake Beach, Mayor Mahoney closely followed eight specific bills and testified in support or opposition when necessary.

Pictured Left to Right with Mayor Mahoney Governor Wes Moore and Delegate Jeffrie Long, Jr.

“A good Mayor must be actively engaged in the Maryland State Legislative process and lobby for the Town citizens he serves. The role of the Mayor requires continual awareness of legislation that could impact our citizens. I consider it an honor to continue to speak on behalf of the Town of Chesapeake Beach, citizens,” stated Mayor Mahoney of his recent participation and following of bills that directly affect Town citizens.

Mayor Mahoney testified to support two bills sponsored by Senator Jackson & Delegate Long. The first bill called for renaming the Fishing Creek Bridge to the “Fallen Heroes Bridge”. The second bill declared August 31 to be recognized Statewide as “Overdose Awareness Day”. Both bills received Mayor Mahoney’s full support as he believes they honor those who have sacrificed for our community and bring awareness to important issues.

Pictured Left to Right with Mayor Mahoney North Beach Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Mills, Senator Michael Jackson, North Beach Volunteer Fire Department President Matt Weber

Additionally, Mayor Mahoney supported giving municipalities the choice of prohibiting recreational cannabis dispensaries within its town limits. As a Mayor who is responsible for the safety and well-being of his citizens, he believes that municipalities should have the power to make decisions that reflect their community’s values.

However, Mayor Mahoney testified in opposition to increasing the number of Bingo slots permitted in the Town of Chesapeake Beach. As a leader who is committed to promoting responsible gambling, Mayor Mahoney believes that increasing the number of Bingo slots could have negative consequences on his Town’s residents.

The Mayor and Town Council of Chesapeake Beach will continue making information available to Town citizens about upcoming bills and their impact on their community. Mayor Mahoney’s active participation in the Maryland Legislative Session exemplifies his commitment to his constituents and dedication to making Chesapeake Beach a safe and thriving community.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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