Two construction buoys have been spotted off the coast of Chesapeake Beach, causing concern among residents and visitors. Some observers have mistaken the buoys for boats or individuals in distress. However, authorities have confirmed that these buoys are not dangerous to marine traffic and are part of construction work being carried out on the jetties by the Rod ‘n’ Reel.

While the buoys are visible from the shore and are a source of concern for some, authorities have stated that they pose no threat. “We are aware of the objects and know that they are not distressed craft or a danger to marine traffic,” said a Facebook post from the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department (NBVFD).

The spokesperson also urged the public to take a moment to identify the buoys and distinguish them from real emergencies. “We appreciate the concern and believe that citizen action saves lives. Please take a moment to identify these buoys to separate them from real emergencies better,” the spokesperson said.

However, the spokesperson also emphasized that in case of doubt, people should not hesitate to call 911. “When in doubt, call 911,” the spokesperson said.

The construction work on the jetties by the Rod ‘n’ Reel is part of a larger effort to improve the infrastructure along the Chesapeake Bay. The work is being carried out by a team of construction workers who are working diligently to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

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