The Charles County Detention Center (CCDC) named Corporal Nicholas Cargill the 2022 Correctional Officer of the Year. The announcement was made by CCDC Director Brandon Foster, alongside Sheriff Troy Berry and members of the CCSO and CCDC Command Staff.

Cpl. Cargill was nominated for recognition for his outstanding dedication to the Detention Center. Throughout the year, he was commended several times by his superior officers for his willingness to step in and do whatever it took to ensure operations were running smoothly.

From Left to Right: Director Brandon Foster, Corporal Nicholas Cargill, Deputy Director Ryan Ross, and Sheriff Troy Berry Credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office

He volunteered to assist the kitchen in preparing trays and dispersing meals during a snowstorm in January of 2022. In February, he used his personal time to assist with a project to expand the Intake Unit. When there was a staffing emergency, and help was needed in the Custody and Security Section, Cpl. Cargill was temporarily reassigned to a Security Team. He was commended for his teamwork, positive attitude, and commitment to the mission of the Detention Center.

In addition to his regular duties, Cpl. Cargill assumed responsibility for coordinating the 2022 Charles County Correctional Officers Association (CCCOA) annual toy drive. He and other officers’ assistance raised $19,000 in monetary donations and $10,000 in donated toys for the Children’s Aid Society. Over 1,000 local children benefited from these efforts.

“Corporal Cargill’s dedication to the Corrections Division and his humility set an example for officers to follow,” said Director Brandon Foster. “He earned this recognition. We are thankful for his hard work and proud of all that he has accomplished thus far in his career.”

“Our Correctional Officers do an excellent job of maintaining safety and security and providing services for the Detention Center, and Corporal Cargill is an exceptional officer to represent that Division of the Agency,” said Sheriff Berry. “It’s our honor to recognize him as the 2022 Correctional Officer of the Year.”

Cpl. Cargill expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, “I am honored to receive this award and appreciate the support of my fellow officers and supervisors. It is truly a privilege to serve the Charles County community.”

Credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office

The CCDC is responsible for the care, custody, and control of individuals who are alleged to have committed a crime or have been convicted and sentenced to serve time in the Detention Center. The facility provides inmates with medical care, food service, educational and religious programs, and vocational training.

Correctional officers play a critical role in the facility’s and its occupants’ safety and security. They are responsible for maintaining order and discipline, conducting searches, and providing for the needs of the inmates. The role can be challenging, and officers must undergo extensive training and pass a rigorous selection process.

The CCDC is strongly committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and inmates. The facility has implemented numerous programs aimed at reducing recidivism and helping inmates successfully reintegrate into society upon release.

The CCDC also collaborates with various community organizations to provide resources and support for inmates and their families. The facility has partnerships with the Charles County Health Department, the Charles County Public Schools, the Southern Maryland JobSource, and many others.

The CCDC’s recognition of Corporal Nicholas Cargill as the 2022 Correctional Officer of the Year highlights the dedication and commitment of the facility’s staff to providing quality service to the Charles County community. The CCDC remains committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and inmates and providing programs and resources to reduce recidivism and promote successful reintegration into society. The award also serves as a reminder of the daily challenging work that correctional officers do and the importance of supporting their efforts to maintain safety and security within our communities.

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