Lieutenant Kenneth Klezia, Jr. of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) has graduated from Cohort 2023-01 of the DC Police Leadership Academy (DCPLA), hosted by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The three-week program, broken into two sessions, consisted of approximately 70 participants from across the U.S., as well as representatives from Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and England.

Credit: Charles County Sheriff’s Office

The goal of the DC Police Leadership Academy is to develop adaptable, creative, and motivating second-line supervisors who demonstrate high standards of integrity, trust, openness, humility, and respect. The program facilitates a culture of positive police leaders who create and maintain a sense of purpose and innovation in their agencies.

After participating in the program, Lieutenant Klezia will bring the knowledge, skills, and abilities he learned to the CCSO to enhance leadership skills throughout all components of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Troy D. Berry expressed his gratitude, stating, “The knowledge Lt. Klezia gained will not only assist our employees, but will further enhance how we serve our communities. We are grateful to have been a part of this inaugural training and look forward to participating in future training.”

Lieutenant Klezia has served with the CCSO for 20 years in various capacities, including patrol officer, detective in the Criminal Investigations Division, patrol supervisor, detective sergeant, patrol shift commander, and commander of the Agency’s School Resource Section. He currently serves as assistant commander of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

In addition to representatives from law enforcement agencies across the world, the inaugural cohort of the DCPLA program included participants who engaged in shaping the future of policing by developing their personal leadership abilities through discourse and interactive activities.

“I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to attend the Inaugural DC Police Leadership Academy to learn the subtleties of modern police leadership with my peers from around the world,” said Lieutenant Klezia. “The training gave me unique insight into different points of view for policing in today’s world.”

The program’s ultimate goal is to build a global legion of police leaders who strive to continuously transfer excellence at every level of a police force. MPD Chief of Police Robert J. Contee, III, expressed his focus on creating opportunities for people to step up and rise to the occasion within law enforcement.

Lieutenant Klezia’s attendance at the DC Police Leadership Academy marks a significant milestone in the development of the CCSO’s leadership abilities. By participating in the program, Lieutenant Klezia will bring his unique insight and knowledge to the CCSO, enhancing the agency’s ability to serve the community.

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