The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) recently recognized the academic achievements of seven nursing students who were inducted into the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society, which is CSM’s chapter of the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) Alpha Omega. The students who were selected for this honor received grades of Bs or higher in all their nursing courses, without repeating any of them, and completed a scholarly project related to the advancement of nursing as a profession.

The Spring 2023 Alpha Omega Chapter inductees are Larissa E. Battle, Jessica A. Brack, Kathleen B. Burch, Stacey Chayka, Becca Pearl Hall, Shirley C. Onyeukwu, and Alpha Omega Chapter President Ella Videgla. Videgla served as the student speaker at the ceremony, where she shared the details of the inductee’s scholarly capstone project.

Credit: College of Southern Maryland

The project aimed to educate nursing students about extracurricular activities that exist outside of nursing school. These activities include nursing externships, volunteering at homeless shelters, and delivering humanitarian aid in developing countries. The inductees presented the information to incoming third and second-semester students in the hope that they would use the summer months to expand their knowledge.

Videgla emphasized that education is a lifelong process for nurses, saying, “Our path to becoming nurses does not just begin and end with completion of nursing school and board exams, it signifies the beginning of the journey to effecting real sustainable change in the profession of nursing and continuing the path creating a culture of excellence and better health outcomes for all.”

Linda Goodman, professor of nursing, gave the history of the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) and the Alpha Delta Nu Honors Society. CSM’s chapter of Alpha Omega was established in fall 2012. Goodman explained the meaning of symbols of nursing that were displayed at the event, including a copy of Florence Nightingale’s “Notes on Nursing” to represent the foundations of the profession; a lamp and lit candle to symbolize the light of knowledge, caring, and compassion; and a stethoscope to represent the tools used by nurses in their career.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Lauren Guy provided the closing remarks for the ceremony, commending students on the hard work that led to them not only completing their degree but excelling in nursing school. “All of you are here because of your hard work and courage,” she said. “We can all agree that nursing school is challenging at its best, overwhelming at its worst. You have risen to this challenge.”

Guy encouraged the inductees to have patience, determination, and contagious excitement as they see the shining light at the end of their nursing school journey. She said that these attributes would allow them to continue with the momentum that they have already begun.

At the ceremony, students were given a pin and a cord to celebrate their induction into the society, which they can wear with their graduation regalia at commencement. Goodman reminded the inductees that they now carry not only the honor and privilege but also the duty to practice within the ethical, professional scope of practice.

The Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society recognizes academic excellence in nursing and is committed to fostering scholarship, leadership, and service among nursing students. The Society encourages the pursuit of professional development, and members are expected to uphold high standards of patient care and ethics in the nursing profession.

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