Lusby, MD – Dr. David Hupp, a resident of Lusby and an alumnus of the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), was honored as the 2023 Distinguished Alumni during CSM’s recent commencement ceremony. Hupp’s impressive work ethic, drive to achieve, and dedication to his community can be attributed to the valuable lessons he learned during his time at CSM. As the Quality Improvement Team Leader for The John Hopkins Hospital, a community first responder, and a lifelong learner, Hupp has made significant contributions to southern Maryland.

Hupp’s association with CSM began over 35 years ago when he joined the “Mom and Tots” swim class as a toddler in 1988. Throughout his formative years, he actively participated in CSM’s community theater program and attended various summer camps offered by the college. During his enrollment as a dual enrolled student, Hupp also worked as a student assistant in the Innovative Technology Center. He played a pivotal role in leading the Hawk’s soccer team to back-to-back regional titles and had the opportunity to participate in CSM’s travel study abroad program in Belize. Even after graduating from CSM, Hupp remains closely connected to the institution, regularly participating in the CSM Foundation’s Annual Golf Classic alongside his family members, including his mother, Karen Smith Hupp, who serves as CSM’s assistant vice president for government relations.

Expressing his surprise and gratitude upon receiving the Distinguished Alumni recognition, Hupp said, “I was shocked to be selected out of so many great alumni and candidates, I was legitimately shocked. I feel like I’ve been in a lifelong partnership with CSM, and being part of that learning environment since I was a kid seemed to stick with me throughout my career. I’m always trying to push and better myself.” Hupp’s commitment to continuous education is evident in his academic accomplishments. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2009, followed by a master’s degree in business administration in 2011. In 2022, Hupp completed his doctorate of business administration in healthcare management, focusing his research on first responder burnout during the pandemic and proposing emotional intelligence training as a solution.

Toni Kruszka, CSM Alumni and Donor Relations Manager, commended Hupp’s career achievements and community engagement, stating, “Through his career achievements and engagement with the community, Hupp has set a standard to which our students and fellow alumni can aspire. As one of CSM’s brightest points of pride, he represents the life-changing impact of a College of Southern Maryland education, and we are honored to award him the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award.”

Hupp’s contributions extend beyond his professional life. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, he played a crucial role at the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center as the lead support in the Hospital Incident Command Structure. Hupp worked tirelessly to facilitate the remote tent operation, managing surge planning, capacity analysis, and supply and equipment procurement. Additionally, he selflessly assisted in various tasks at the hospital, from answering phones to conducting staff temperature checks. Despite his demanding schedule, Hupp remained dedicated to serving his community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician (EMT), balancing his responsibilities at home with his wife and two children. Hupp’s involvement in the volunteer fire and EMS system began in 2012 at the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department and continued when he moved to Lusby in 2017, joining the Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department (SVRSFD). Currently serving as a rescue lieutenant, Hupp’s dedication to service was recently acknowledged when he was elected to the SVRSFD board of directors, further solidifying his commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Reflecting on his experiences at CSM, Hupp expressed his gratitude for the invaluable lessons he learned. “At CSM, I learned that you can always push yourself to try new things, learn new things, and better yourself,” he said. “I learned that there’s no substitute for hard work, and it will pay dividends to put work in early. And finally, I learned the value of maximizing the amount of time that you have in every way that you can.”

CSM provided Hupp with a strong foundation and a supportive learning environment that fostered his personal and professional growth. His remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the transformative impact of a CSM education.

As the 2023 Distinguished Alumni, Hupp exemplifies the ideals and values upheld by CSM. His dedication, resilience, and commitment to continuous improvement inspire both current students and fellow alumni to strive for greatness in their chosen fields and give back to their communities.

The College of Southern Maryland takes pride in recognizing exceptional individuals like Dr. David Hupp, whose accomplishments bring honor to the institution. By honoring distinguished alumni, CSM continues to celebrate the success stories that emerge from its halls and highlight the profound impact of a CSM education on the lives of its students.

Through Hupp’s story, we are reminded of the power of education, hard work, and community engagement. His achievements and contributions serve as an inspiration to all, urging us to push beyond our limits and make a difference in the world around us.

As Dr. David Hupp continues to make strides in his career and serve his community, the College of Southern Maryland remains proud to have played a part in shaping his journey. The recognition of Hupp as the 2023 Distinguished Alumni serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and the incredible potential within each student who walks through the doors of CSM.

With the spirit of CSM’s values instilled in him, Hupp will undoubtedly continue to make a significant impact in the healthcare field, community service, and beyond. His remarkable story is a shining example of the profound influence that CSM can have on its students and the broader community.

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