Hughesville, MD – Grizzley, a lovable tan and black male Mastiff mix, has captured the hearts of many at the Charles County Animal Care Center. However, his journey towards finding a forever home has hit a roadblock as he has tested positive for heartworm. In a generous gesture, Pets in Need in Southern Maryland has stepped forward, offering financial assistance of up to $1,100 for Grizzley’s heartworm treatment to any rescue organization willing to provide him with a foster or adoption opportunity.

Grizzley, estimated to be around 6 years old, weighs a sturdy 102.3 lbs. Though he has not yet been neutered, upon adoption, the organization has ensured that he will undergo the procedure, in addition to receiving comprehensive veterinary care and being microchipped.

The shelter assessment conducted on Grizzley revealed his amicable nature and positive response to different stimuli. According to the assessment, Grizzley is an affectionate companion who thrives on human attention. He enjoys physical contact and is comfortable with hands-on interactions. When it comes to food, he demonstrates a cooperative behavior, lifting his food with ease. Additionally, Grizzley displays curiosity when encountering other dogs, showcasing his potential to coexist harmoniously in a multi-dog household.

The team at Charles County Animal Care Center attests to Grizzley’s endearing personality and highlights his suitability as a companion and walking partner. His gentle disposition and eagerness to please make him an ideal addition to a loving family.

Pets in Need in Southern Maryland, a local organization committed to promoting animal welfare, is actively seeking rescue organizations interested in providing Grizzley with a temporary foster home or a permanent adoption placement. The organization’s financial assistance pledge of $1,100 for Grizzley’s heartworm treatment is an invaluable support, alleviating the financial burden that often deters potential adopters or rescues from taking on heartworm-positive dogs.

To learn more about Grizzley or express interest in his adoption or fostering, interested parties can contact the Charles County Animal Care Center. Located at 6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville, MD 20637, the center can be reached at 301-932-1713 or via email at

Heartworm disease poses a significant threat to dogs, particularly those residing in regions with mosquito populations. Left untreated, it can lead to severe health complications and, in some cases, prove fatal. Recognizing the urgency of Grizzley’s situation, Pets in Need in Southern Maryland aims to raise awareness about heartworm disease and encourage responsible pet ownership by providing the necessary resources for Grizzley’s treatment.

By extending their financial assistance program to include heartworm-positive dogs like Grizzley, Pets in Need in Southern Maryland demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and rehabilitation of animals in need. Through collaborative efforts, it is hoped that Grizzley will soon find a loving home where he can receive the care and attention he deserves.

For further information on Grizzley or to inquire about his adoption or fostering, please contact the Charles County Animal Care Center using the provided contact details.

Link to Charles County Animal Care Center: Charles County Animal Care Center

Link to Pets in Need in Southern Maryland: Pets in Need in Southern Maryland

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