WALDORF, May 26 – Law enforcement officials have identified and apprehended a 15-year-old juvenile suspect concerning a shooting incident on Leland Place. The incident occurred on May 24 at approximately 4:03 p.m., when officers responded to reports of gunshots in the 11400 block of Leland Place in Waldorf.

Upon their arrival at the scene, officers discovered a juvenile male who had been targeted but, fortunately, was not injured by the gunfire. Investigators diligently pursued leads, identifying the 15-year-old juvenile as a suspect in the case. Today, May 26, the suspect was taken into custody and charged as an adult with multiple offenses, including attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and other related charges.

The suspect is currently being held at the Charles County Detention Center, pending further legal proceedings. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with Detective Pickeral and Officer Kunz spearheading the efforts to uncover the full details surrounding the shooting.

Authorities have confirmed that the shooting was not random, indicating that the victim was specifically targeted. The motive behind the attack remains under investigation, and law enforcement officials are working to determine any potential connections between the suspect and the victim.

In conclusion, the swift identification and apprehension of the 15-year-old juvenile suspect in the shooting case on Leland Place brings a sense of relief to the community. Charged as an adult with serious offenses, the suspect is currently in custody awaiting legal proceedings.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are urging the community to cooperate and provide any relevant information that could assist in uncovering the full circumstances behind th incident. The commitment of law enforcement officials to maintaining public safety remains unwavering, and they continue to work tirelessly to ensure justice is served.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

David M. Higgins II is an award-winning journalist passionate about uncovering the truth and telling compelling stories. Born in Baltimore and raised in Southern Maryland, he has lived in several East...

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