North Beach, MD – End Hunger In Calvert County (EHCC) is gearing up for its highly anticipated 12th annual Dragon Boat Festival, set to take place on June 10, 2023, in the picturesque town of North Beach. The event, organized in collaboration with Exelon Corporation, aims to raise money and awareness to combat food insecurity in the Southern Maryland region. Chick-Fil-A Prince Frederick, National Ink and Stitch, Chaney Enterprises, and Steve Brien of Hometown Realty are among the other sponsors supporting this important cause.

With its family-friendly atmosphere, the Dragon Boat Festival has become a beloved tradition in Southern Maryland, attracting attendees of all ages. The festivities will commence with the Dotting of the Eye Ceremony at 8 am, followed by an exciting live demonstration from Calvert MMA. The event will be held along the scenic North Beach boardwalk, offering a stunning backdrop for a day filled with fun and compassion.

Throughout the festival, attendees can explore a variety of local food and craft vendors while enjoying free face painting along the boardwalk. Crow Entertainment will provide lively tunes as a DJ, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all to relish. The main highlight of the event, of course, will be the thrilling Dragon Boat races, featuring teams competing against each other. The races will take place throughout the day, culminating in an award ceremony where various trophies will be presented.

One of the most coveted accolades is the #GiveWhereYouLive Award, given to the team that raises the highest amount of funds to support EHCC’s mission. As one of EHCC’s key fundraising events, the Dragon Boat Festival plays a vital role in providing essential resources to aid families in Southern Maryland. The money raised during the festival will be directly allocated to support EHCC’s ongoing efforts in combating food insecurity and ensuring the well-being of the local community.

The Dragon Boat Festival not only serves as a platform to rally support but also aims to raise awareness about the pressing issue of food insecurity. According to recent reports, a significant portion of the Southern Maryland population struggles to access nutritious meals on a regular basis. EHCC, in collaboration with its partners and sponsors, is dedicated to making a difference by addressing this critical challenge head-on.

The event organizers encourage community members, local businesses, and individuals passionate about fighting hunger to join in this impactful endeavor. By participating in the Dragon Boat Festival, attendees can not only enjoy a day filled with excitement and entertainment but also contribute to the noble cause of alleviating food insecurity in Southern Maryland.

For further details regarding the Dragon Boat Festival, including the event schedule and location, please visit the official event page at The page provides comprehensive information about the event and serves as a valuable resource for those looking to participate or support the cause.

As the 12th annual Dragon Boat Festival approaches, anticipation is building in the Southern Maryland region. The event’s impact extends far beyond a single day of celebration, as it represents a unified effort to combat food insecurity and foster a stronger, more resilient community. Together, EHCC, Exelon Corporation, and their sponsors are making a significant difference in the lives of families in need, one paddle stroke at a time.

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