LEONARDTOWN, MD – In a recent announcement made by the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. J. Scott Smith, the St. Mary’s Co. Board of Education revealed important administrative appointments during its meeting held on May 24, 2023. Among the significant changes, Mr. Charles Eible has been appointed as the Director of Safety and Security, and Mr. Erich Engel-Cope will be transferred to a new position.

Mr. Charles Eible, who currently serves as a School Safety Coordinator in the Department of Safety and Security, has been appointed as the Director of Safety and Security for a 12-month term. This crucial role will require Mr. Eible to oversee the school district’s safety measures and security protocols. With a Master’s Degree from Liberty University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Utica College, Mr. Eible brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new position.

The Board of Education recognized Mr. Eible’s qualifications and experience, leading to their decision to entrust him with this important responsibility. As the Director of Safety and Security, Mr. Eible will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of students, staff, and faculty across the district. His appointment reflects the board’s commitment to maintaining a secure learning environment.

In addition to the appointment of Mr. Eible, the Board also announced an administrative transfer within the school district. Mr. Erich Engel-Cope, currently serving as the Assistant Principal for Leonardtown Middle School, will be transferred to Lexington Park Elementary School, where he will assume the position of Assistant Principal. The transfer will be effective starting from July 1, 2023.

Mr. Engel-Cope’s move to Lexington Park Elementary School is an important step in his career within the Leonardtown school district. With his experience as an Assistant Principal at Leonardtown Middle School, Mr. Engel-Cope brings valuable insights and expertise to his new role. This administrative transfer highlights the district’s dedication to providing opportunities for growth and professional development for its educators.

The St. MAry’s Co. Board of Education carefully considers each individual’s skills, qualifications, and experience when making administrative appointments and transfers. The decisions aim to align personnel with positions where their expertise can benefit the students and the educational system.

These recent administrative changes come as part of the board’s ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for all students in the Leonardtown school district. By appointing Mr. Charles Eible as the Director of Safety and Security, the board emphasizes its commitment to prioritizing the well-being of students and the entire educational community.

As the new appointments take effect, St. Mary’s Co. students, parents, and staff can look forward to the continued dedication of the district’s leadership in providing a secure and enriching educational experience. With Mr. Eible’s expertise in safety and security and Mr. Engel-Cope’s proven track record in educational leadership, the St. Mary’s school district is poised to thrive under their guidance.

Please visit the official St. Mary’s School District website for more information about the St. Mary’s Co. Board of Education and its recent administrative appointments.

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