In a heartwarming display of sibling rivalry, Evan and Jessie Treski of T.C. Martin Elementary School turned their lemonade stand competition into a successful fundraising endeavor for the Humane Society of Charles County. Inspired by the book “The Lemonade War” that they read as part of the school’s One Book, One Martin program, the Treski siblings embarked on a mission to outdo each other in raising money for a worthy cause.

“The Lemonade War,” written by Jacqueline Davies, became the centerpiece of the One Book, One Martin program at T.C. Martin Elementary School. The novel follows the entrepreneurial journey of Evan and Jessie as they transform their lemonade stand into a fierce competition. Through the book, students learned valuable lessons about financial responsibility and the importance of respecting others, even siblings who might drive them crazy.

Recognizing the need to encourage reading and engage families, the school provided copies of the book in both English and Spanish. In addition, teachers organized reading sessions where older students read to their younger peers. The program was a resounding success, culminating in a schoolwide community service project.

Inspired by the book’s themes, the K-Kids Club, known for its commitment to community projects, organized a Penny War between classes to raise funds for the Humane Society of Charles County. The club, led by school librarian Melody Philpotts, aimed to raise $250 through lemonade stands set up in classrooms. The top two fundraising classes would be rewarded with a pizza party, complete with lemonade and lemon cupcakes.

The response from the T.C. Martin community was overwhelming. By the second day of the fundraiser, the lemonade pitchers were already half full, demonstrating the incredible support the school enjoys from its community. The enthusiasm only grew as the campaign progressed, and the total amount raised surpassed all expectations. In the end, the K-Kids Club presented a check for an impressive $3,953.48 to Shari Olson, executive director of the Humane Society, during a special visit to the school. To the delight of the students, the visit included two adorable guinea pigs named Fancy and Lucy.

Expressing her gratitude, Olson commended the students for their exceptional fundraising efforts. She emphasized the positive impact that pets have on children, teaching them empathy, compassion, and responsibility. The success of the Penny War not only showcased the competitive spirit of the students but also their commitment to making a difference in their community.

Among the winning classes, Kaitlyn Roberson’s fourth-grade class and Anna Lancaster’s second-grade class collected the highest amounts in the Penny War. As a reward for their efforts, they will enjoy the highly anticipated pizza parties, complete with lemonade and lemon cupcakes.

The lemonade stand competition, born out of sibling rivalry, became a powerful lesson in philanthropy and teamwork for the students at T.C. Martin Elementary School. The success of the fundraiser not only raised substantial funds for the Humane Society but also left a lasting impression on the students, fostering a sense of compassion, responsibility, and community engagement. The Treski siblings, Evan and Jessie, have set an inspiring example for their peers, proving that a little healthy competition can go a long way in making a positive impact.

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