Charles County, Maryland – After a remarkable 34-year career in education, Henry E. Lackey High School Principal Kathy Perriello delivered her final address to the graduating class of 2023 on Tuesday, May 30. Perriello, who is retiring at the end of the school year, took the opportunity to focus her farewell remarks on the students themselves, emphasizing the significance of their achievement and the excitement that lies ahead.

In a heartfelt speech, Principal Perriello directed her words of wisdom to the graduates, stating, “It’s your day. The one you have planned, pictured, and patiently waited for. It’s all about you.” With a genuine concern for their future, Perriello urged the students to embrace the present moment and not rush through life’s milestones. The principal’s dedication to the students’ well-being and personal growth was evident in her parting message.

Kaylee Alvey, the class salutatorian, echoed Perriello’s sentiments and implored her peers to savor the occasion’s significance. Alvey advised her fellow graduates not to fixate on the next big step in their lives but rather to cherish the present. She stated, “Today, I encourage you to not worry or wait for the next big milestone in your life. Whether it be college, trade school, military, workforce or if you’re still just figuring it out… Stop for a moment… We’ve been waiting for this for far too long and once it’s over, we’re not getting it back.” Alvey, who will be pursuing computer engineering, has been accepted into the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Raymond Guzzone, the class valedictorian, continued a family tradition as his older brother held the same prestigious position in 2019. Guzzone, who plans to major in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, acknowledged his classmates as the “best-looking class of 2023” while emphasizing that awards or popularity do not determine greatness. Guzzone stressed the importance of building connections and nurturing relationships in his insightful speech. “Remember achieving greatness is not achieving wealth or recognition,” he said. “It is about making connections, building relationships, and I am most grateful for the relationships I’ve made.”

The Class of 2023 at Lackey High School comprises 224 graduates whose outstanding achievements have resulted in an impressive sum of $24,924,946 in scholarship offers. Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) commemorates this milestone with graduation ceremonies scheduled until June 2 at Regency Furniture Stadium. For the latest updates and details regarding the Class of 2023, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official CCPS website at

As Principal Kathy Perriello bids farewell to her role at Henry E. Lackey High School, her legacy as an educator and advocates for students will undoubtedly endure. The Class of 2023 will carry with them the wisdom and inspiration imparted by their principal and fellow classmates as they embark on their respective journeys and make their mark on the world.

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