OWINGS, MD – In a dazzling display of talent and homage, the North Beach School of Dance will present its annual Spring Production, Jubilee, on Saturday, June 3rd at 7 p.m. at the prestigious Mary D. Harrison Cultural Arts Center. Located at 2950 Chaneyville Rd, Owings, MD, this event promises to celebrate Abigail Francisco’s remarkable 50-year career in the world of dance and dance instruction.

As the Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet transitions into its new identity as the North Beach School of Dance, Jubilee serves as a resounding tribute to dance’s past, present, and future. The evening’s program commences with a powerful rendition of “Les Sylphides,” which marks the final classical ballet performance by the revered Ms. Abigail. In addition, the production showcases original choreography in jazz, tap, and musical theater genres, accompanied by music that spans the entire span of her illustrious career.

One of the highlights of the evening will be the participation of esteemed guest dancers from two prestigious ballet companies – The Washington Ballet and the Ballet Theatre of Maryland. Their presence adds an extra layer of artistry and excitement to the performance, truly making Jubilee a night to remember.

Tickets for this extraordinary event can be purchased online at www.ticketpeak.co/northbeachschoolofdance. Dance enthusiasts and supporters of the arts are encouraged to secure their seats early, as this performance is anticipated to sell out quickly. With limited availability, the audience will witness firsthand the incredible talent that has graced the stage for five decades.

Abigail Francisco, a North Beach hometown hero, has dedicated her life to the art of dance. With a career spanning an impressive 50 years, her influence and expertise have inspired countless students and fellow dancers. Through her commitment to excellence and passion for the craft, she has elevated the North Beach School of Dance to great heights, gaining local and national recognition.

The transition from the Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet to the North Beach School of Dance marks a new chapter in the institution’s history. Under the visionary leadership of Ms. Abigail, the school has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of the dance world, ensuring its continued relevance and success.

Jubilee not only celebrates Abigail Francisco’s legacy but also serves as an exciting glimpse into the future of the North Beach School of Dance. By incorporating original choreography and welcoming guest dancers from renowned ballet companies, the production showcases the school’s commitment to innovation and artistic exploration.

As the evening unfolds, audience members will be treated to a mesmerizing journey through time, witnessing the evolution of dance styles and techniques. From the grace and elegance of classical ballet to the infectious energy of jazz, tap, and musical theater, Jubilee captures the essence of Abigail Francisco’s diverse and groundbreaking career.

The North Beach School of Dance invites the community to join them in this momentous celebration of Abigail Francisco’s Golden Jubilee. By attending this event, patrons support the arts and pay homage to a local hero whose dedication and passion have left an indelible mark on the world of dance.

For more information about the North Beach School of Dance and to purchase tickets for Jubilee, please visit www.ticketpeak.co/northbeachschoolofdance. This promises to be a night of extraordinary talent, unforgettable performances, and a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary career. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of history.

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