Charles County, MD – In a move to promote gender diversity in law enforcement, Charles County Sheriff Troy D. Berry has partnered with the 30×30 Initiative. This coalition, consisting of over 150 police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations, aims to enhance the representation and experiences of women in policing agencies across the United States. Their ultimate goal is to increase the proportion of women in police recruit classes to 30% by 2030.

Women account for only 13 percent of sworn law enforcement personnel nationwide, with a mere three percent holding leadership positions. By signing the 30×30 Pledge, policing agencies commit to identifying and addressing any barriers that may impede the progress of female officers during recruitment and throughout their careers.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office, which currently employs 319 sworn police officers, has an 11% representation of women. Sheriff Berry expressed his hopes that this partnership would encourage more women to join law enforcement. He stated, “We are constantly recruiting people to join our agency, and by signing onto the 30×30 pledge, we hope to encourage women to consider policing – a profession that sometimes may be overlooked or not considered.”

The 30×30 pledge provides a flexible framework that allows participating agencies to share progress reports with other initiative members. This collaborative approach fosters knowledge exchange within the 30×30 network, enabling agencies to learn from one another and develop programs and initiatives to address potential barriers to women’s advancement in law enforcement.

Stephine Gregory, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office’s Background and Recruiting Supervisor was pivotal in introducing the 30×30 initiative to the agency. Gregory emphasized the importance of innovative recruitment strategies, stating, “We are always looking for innovative ways to attract people to policing, and this initiative has shown to be a helpful resource to other law enforcement agencies.”

To facilitate further understanding of the 30×30 initiative, interested individuals can access additional information by visiting the 30×30 Initiative website. The website provides insights into the coalition’s goals, strategies, and progress. Additionally, those interested in witnessing the impact of female officers in the Charles County communities can watch a video showcasing their service by following this link: Charles County Female Officers Video.

An online application is available on their official website for individuals aspiring to join the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Prospective candidates can visit the Application page to initiate the recruitment process.

Through this partnership with the 30×30 Initiative, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office aims to inspire and attract more women to pursue careers in law enforcement. By embracing the 30×30 pledge, the agency joins a network of like-minded organizations committed to breaking down barriers and promoting gender equity within policing agencies.

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