A total of 1,175 students from Grades 6-12 cast their votes in the recent election held to select the Student Member of the Board of Education of Charles County for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. After a closely contested race, Treasure Perkins, a rising junior at Thomas Stone High School, emerged as the winner. Perkins secured 614 votes, accounting for 52.3% of the total votes cast. Jamiyah Bonds, a rising senior at St. Charles High School, received 561 votes, amounting to 47.7% of the vote share. The Charles County Association of Student Councils (CCASC) Election Oversight Committee has verified the election results.

The election process commenced on May 1 and concluded on May 30, providing ample time for eligible students to exercise their voting rights. Students across Grades 6-12 were eligible to participate, fostering a sense of inclusivity and ensuring that the Student Member of the Board of Education truly represented the interests of the student body.

Perkins and Bonds were both part of the primary election, where they competed against several other candidates. The primary narrowed down the field to these two finalists, who then advanced to the final ballot. The election results reflect the engagement and enthusiasm of the students in choosing their representative for the upcoming academic year.

In recognition of her victory, Treasure Perkins will be officially sworn into her position as the Student Member of the Board of Education on June 26, during the Board of Education work session. Perkins will assume the role, also known as SMOB, from Amira Abujuma, the outgoing Student Member of the Board of Education, who graduated from North Point High School as part of the Class of 2023. This transition of responsibilities ensures continuity and allows for the smooth functioning of the board’s operations.

The Charles County Association of Student Councils (CCASC) provided transparency throughout the election process by outlining the details on their website. Students, parents, and community members were able to access the information related to the election, including the rules and regulations that governed the voting process. The CCASC website, which can be found at [insert website link], served as a valuable resource for all stakeholders interested in understanding the electoral procedures.

The Student Member of the Board of Education holds a crucial position within the Charles County education system. Serving a one-year term, the Student Member acts as a voice for the student community, bringing their perspectives, concerns, and suggestions to the attention of the Board of Education. The role not only promotes student engagement but also enables the board to make informed decisions that consider the needs and aspirations of the student population.

Treasure Perkins’ election as the Student Member of the Board of Education of Charles County reflects her dedication, leadership qualities, and commitment to representing the interests of her fellow students. As she prepares to assume office, the students of Charles County can look forward to a year filled with meaningful discussions and positive changes in their educational experience.

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