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LEMOORE, Calif. – Hospitalman Adam Roark, a native of La Plata, Maryland, is making a difference by providing beneficiary care and expeditionary medical readiness as a member of Expeditionary Medical Facility Bravo Detachment San Diego, attached to Naval Health Clinic Lemoore. Having joined the Navy two years ago, Roark’s decision was inspired by his grandfather’s 20-year Air Force service and his desire to assist those in need.

Roark, who grew up in La Plata and graduated from La Plata High School in 2021, attributes his strong work ethic to his hometown. During high school, he served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and volunteered at the local fire department, honing his ability to handle various responsibilities simultaneously. These skills have proven invaluable during his tenure in the Navy.

Naval Health Clinic Lemoore, initially commissioned as a 67-bed hospital in July 1968 by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, D.C., plays a vital role in delivering quality healthcare. In May 2000, the clinic moved to its current building, which was dedicated to serving the medical needs of military personnel. In September 2017, it was officially redesignated as Naval Health Clinic Lemoore.

The clinic’s primary objective is to ensure the medical readiness of over 18,000 individuals at NAS Lemoore, California, and NAS Fallon, Nevada, supporting the Navy and Marine warfighters. Additionally, the command provides dental care and medical administrative support to the Navy, Marine Corps, and international students at institutions such as the Naval Postgraduate School, Defense Language Institute, and the Center for Information Dominance in Monterey, California.

Recognizing the critical role of maritime dominance and the security of undersea fiber optic cables, Navy officials stress the importance of trained sailors and a robust Navy to the prosperity of the United States. Admiral Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, emphasizes the Navy’s commitment to maintaining combat readiness, superior leadership, and warfighting excellence at all levels, stating, “Our mission remains timeless – to provide our fellow citizens with nothing less than the very best Navy.”

As a member of the Navy, Roark is proud to contribute to an organization focused on maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, enhancing warfighting capabilities, and sustaining combat-ready forces in line with the National Defense Strategy. Recognizing the vastness of the world covered by water, Roark highlights the Navy’s vital role in protecting America from the sea.

Roark’s military service has given him numerous personal and professional growth opportunities. He takes pride in earning various medical certifications, including national EMT and pharmacy technician credentials, while also accumulating college credits toward his associate’s degree.

Serving in the Navy is significant for Roark as he sees it as an opportunity for self-improvement and contributing to a larger cause. He expresses his gratitude to his mother and grandfather, staunch military supporters, for their unwavering encouragement and endorsement of his decision to serve.

Hospitalman Adam Roark’s dedication to providing beneficiary care and expeditionary medical readiness as a member of Expeditionary Medical Facility Bravo Detachment San Diego exemplifies the commitment of Navy personnel to their country and their mission. By utilizing the skills acquired in his hometown and seizing the opportunities presented during his military service, Roark embodies the spirit of service and represents the Navy’s pursuit of excellence.

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