ST. MARY’S COUNTY, MD – The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office recently concluded a two-day intensive course in police canine behavior and decoy techniques, further bolstering its K-9 support capabilities.

This recent course focused on developing a basic understanding of canine behaviors and their drives. With a specialized curriculum, the program instructed deputies on using training equipment, including the bite suit and exposed sleeve, to perfect basic decoy techniques.

Deputies were initiated into the Sheriff’s Office K-9 support team after completing this training. This specialized team is tasked with assisting current K-9 handlers with their training and K-9 deployments and also providing support while responding to calls for service.

The training marks a significant step in enhancing the capabilities of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, highlighting their commitment to the ongoing development of officers and the effective use of K-9 units in law enforcement activities.

Deputies First Class Michael Rycyzyn, Travis Wimberly, and Joseph Senatore were among those who successfully completed the course. Their accomplishment reflects not only their personal dedication to their roles but also the larger mission of the Sheriff’s Office to maintain and enhance its effectiveness and responsiveness in the field.

This professional development opportunity equipped the deputies with valuable insights into understanding the instinctual behaviors of police canines. Such understanding aids in the deployment of K-9 units, ensuring both the safety of the officers and the effective performance of the canines on duty.

Using K-9 units in law enforcement is a delicate balance of understanding animal behaviors and applying the right techniques to channel these behaviors for operational success. With this training, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office continues strengthening this balance, ensuring their teams are well-prepared to carry out their duties effectively.

Furthermore, integrating deputies into the K-9 support team is expected to enhance the overall operational efficiency of the department. These teams will assist in various capacities, ranging from supporting current K-9 handlers to effectively responding to service calls.

This recent course and its subsequent successes underscore the Sheriff’s Office’s continued commitment to the community’s safety. These deputies’ enhanced skills ensure the K-9 units’ improved performance and provide the residents of St. Mary’s County with an added layer of protection.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is committed to continuing professional development opportunities for its officers, maintaining its high service standards, and further solidifying its role as a leading force in law enforcement. As successful graduates integrate their newfound knowledge and skills into their roles, the Sheriff’s Office anticipates a positive impact on its K-9 operations and, ultimately, the community it serves.

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