LEONARDTOWN, MD – To gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and concerns of its residents, St. Mary’s County Government (SMCG) has initiated a new public survey. The survey aims to gather feedback on various county services and the overall quality of life in the local community. By soliciting input through this survey, SMCG hopes to improve its responsiveness to community priorities and address neighborhood issues more effectively.

St. Mary’s County, Maryland, residents are encouraged to participate in the survey, which covers various topics, including affordable housing, education, transportation, and public safety. The survey will be distributed and promoted through online digital advertisements, ensuring broad accessibility for community members. Those interested in taking part can directly access the survey at stmaryscountymd.gov/survey.

Commissioner President James Randy Guy expressed the importance of citizen feedback: “We always strive to get feedback and input from our citizens. This partnership with Zencity is a great step toward better understanding the needs and concerns of our community so that we can make the best decisions for our future.”

Zencity, a community input platform utilized by local governments, is collaborating with SMCG in launching this community survey. The platform enables SMCG to reach a broader range of residents and obtain valuable insights for decision-making. Eyal Feder-Levy, CEO of Zencity, commended St. Mary’s County for its forward-thinking approach, emphasizing the significance of leveraging data on resident needs and priorities. “We are proud to provide a platform for counties like St. Mary’s County to reach more voices in the community and turn that input into action,” Feder-Levy added.

Through this partnership, SMCG aims not only to gather feedback from residents through surveys proactively but also to gain insights from the feedback residents express on various platforms. Zencity will assist the County in monitoring publicly available social media channels, comments on traditional news sources, and official channels. By employing this comprehensive approach, SMCG aims to ensure that all corners of the community are heard. This information will help the county government remain aware of emerging local issues, understand the challenges and priorities of those less likely to participate in traditional civic forums and facilitate timely and informative communications.

The launch of the new community survey exemplifies St. Mary’s County Government’s commitment to inclusive and data-driven decision-making. By actively seeking input from its residents, SMCG aims to enhance service quality and address community concerns more effectively. The survey will serve as a vital tool in shaping the county’s future initiatives and policies.

St. Mary’s County residents are encouraged to participate in the survey and voice their opinions on the various aspects of local life that impact them. The insights gathered from the survey will be instrumental in guiding SMCG’s actions and ensuring that the county continues to evolve in a manner that aligns with the needs and aspirations of its residents.

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