Maryland, a hub of medical and federal institutions, has long been at the forefront of healthcare research and development. The Daily Record, a prominent news outlet, has recently announced its selection of CalvertHealth as a recipient of the 2023 Health Care Hero Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the quality of health care within the state. The winners were chosen by The Daily Record’s publisher and editors.

COVID-19 Treatment Team at CalvertHealth. It would be impossible to gather the entire workforce for a photo, but this image is representative of a variety of clinical and support departments and services. Credit: CalvertHealth

The Health Care Heroes Awards cover various categories, including Lifetime Achievement, Advancements and Innovation in Health Care, Community Outreach (both individual and organization), COVID-19 Heroes (both individual and organization), Nurse of the Year, Nurse Practitioner of the Year, Physician of the Year, Physician Assistant of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Workplace Wellness Program of the Year.

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, the managing director of The Daily Record/BridgeTower Media, commended the 2023 Health Care Heroes for their exceptional care and dedication. She acknowledged their tireless efforts to enhance health care in the state, emphasizing their adaptability to ever-changing needs and challenges. Fischer-Huettner expressed gratitude on behalf of The Daily Record for the honorees’ leadership, expertise, and compassionate care.

 “When you need to rally, our people rally. And they are there to support each other – no matter what it takes.” –  Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Tony Bladen

To celebrate the achievements of the Health Care Heroes, a weeklong digital roll-out has been planned, starting on June 22 and culminating on June 26. will feature daily highlights of specific honoree categories. Additionally, a special magazine profiling the winners will be inserted into the June 26 issue of The Daily Record and will also be available online at

The Maryland Hospital Association is the Event Partner for this year’s Health Care Heroes Awards. For further information and updated details on sponsorship, interested individuals can visit

CalvertHealth Medical Center, as one of only six independent hospitals in Maryland, faces continuous challenges in delivering top-quality health care to the local community. The facility’s dedication and commitment have not gone unnoticed. The Daily Record received a compelling nomination highlighting CalvertHealth’s remarkable efforts.

According to the nomination excerpt, the medical center has tirelessly made decisions regarding patients’ most suitable treatment courses for over two and a half years. Despite the constantly evolving guidelines, therapy changes, and drug shortages, CalvertHealth’s Covid team operated around the clock. It became one of the few outpatient Covid treatment centers offering treatment and prophylaxis for patients in Calvert County and Southern Maryland.

Moreover, CalvertHealth played a vital role as a vaccine hub, collaborating with numerous providers in the county and supplying vaccines to pediatric practices. The medical center also worked hand in hand with the Calvert County Health Department to facilitate testing and provide various support services.

CalvertHealth’s recognition as a 2023 Health Care Hero is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional health care despite its challenges. The award symbolizes appreciation for CalvertHealth’s role as a vital pillar of the community’s well-being.

As Maryland continues to lead the way in healthcare research and development, the 2023 Health Care Heroes are crucial in advancing the quality and accessibility of medical services. Their dedication and innovative approaches inspire others in the field, setting new standards for excellence and compassionate care. The Daily Record’s recognition of CalvertHealth’s contributions underscores the importance of collaboration and perseverance in overcoming the ever-evolving landscape of health care.

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