NORTH BEACH, MD – In the vibrant summer season, Artworks @7th is set to showcase a captivating exhibition of floral artworks by Lesley Alexander and Jacquelyn Dinora. The gallery invites art enthusiasts and nature lovers to witness the stunning display of talent, where the artists’ mastery of their respective mediums brings flowers to life on canvas.

Under the title “Floral Delights,” the exhibition presents a diverse range of floral pieces that embody nature’s beauty and vibrancy. Jacquelyn Dinora’s watercolor artworks, such as “Late Summer Hydrangeas” and “Red Peonies,” showcase her exceptional skill in capturing the intricate details of flowers. With remarkable lifelike qualities, her paintings often evoke the illusion of gazing at a photograph.

Lesley Alexander, renowned for her graphite drawings and acrylic paintings, demonstrates her versatility by expertly capturing a variety of subjects. While her true passion lies in equine art, Alexander’s floral paintings exhibit the same meticulous attention to detail and unwavering ambition. Her artworks exude an inviting quality, making viewers feel as though they could pluck the flowers from the canvas.

Adding to the exhibition’s allure is the inclusion of guest artist Gary W “Doc” Scribner. With a lifetime of travel experiences spanning over 40 countries and all 50 U.S. states, Scribner has dedicated himself to capturing breathtaking landscapes through film and digital media since the mid-1970s. Drawing inspiration from his father’s photographic endeavors in Baltimore, Maryland, Scribner’s philosophy revolves around the importance of refined technique, thorough research, and a stroke of good luck to achieve excellent photography results.

Art lovers and supporters of local talent are invited to attend the opening reception on July 1 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, where they will have the opportunity to meet the featured artists. The gallery will provide light refreshments for attendees to enjoy as they immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere. For those unable to attend the reception, Artworks @7th welcomes visitors throughout the month to appreciate the diverse range of artwork by local artists.

Not only does supporting the local arts community foster a sense of togetherness and cultural enrichment, but it also contributes to the strengthening of the local economy. By patronizing local businesses, including galleries like Artworks @7th, visitors play a vital role in supporting the economic base of the entire community. Moreover, local artists actively engage with their communities by participating in art shows, conducting workshops, and contributing to fundraisers for local charities and organizations.

Artworks @7th, conveniently located at 8905 Chesapeake Avenue near 2nd Street in North Beach, Maryland, invites visitors to explore the gallery during their summer hours from Thursday to Sunday, between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Experience the power of art and the beauty of nature through the captivating floral exhibition, and contribute to the thriving local arts scene.

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