MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center is proud to announce that Jessica Cringoli, a dedicated member of the Imaging Services team specializing in CT Scan, has been honored with the prestigious Patient Experience Award. This accolade recognizes her outstanding commitment to providing exceptional care and ensuring the satisfaction of every patient she serves.

The deserving recipient of this recognition was nominated by Amy Holland, Supervisor in Imaging Services – CT Scan, who spoke highly of Jessica’s dedication and compassion. Holland emphasized how Jessica consistently goes above and beyond to meet each patient’s unique needs.

One particular instance highlighted by Holland showcased Jessica’s remarkable dedication to patient care. The team had an add-on patient who was understandably anxious and had faced difficulties while trying to schedule an appointment. Jessica immediately took charge of the situation, inviting the patient inside and assuring them that their needs would be accommodated.

Jessica discovered that the patient had a topical iodine allergy during the assessment. Recognizing the importance of addressing this concern, she promptly informed the radiologist, ensuring that the necessary precautions were taken. The radiologist adjusted the treatment plan to perform the test without pre-treatment but closely monitored the patient for any adverse reactions for 20 minutes following the procedure.

The patient and their family were deeply impressed by the exceptional level of care they received at MedStar Southern Maryland. They expressed their gratitude for the prompt accommodation and lauded their overall experience while at the hospital.

This recognition serves as a testament to Jessica Cringoli’s unwavering commitment to patient well-being and exemplifies the dedication demonstrated by the MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center staff.

MedStar Southern Maryland is immensely proud of Jessica and extends its sincere appreciation for her tireless efforts in ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of every patient. Her contributions not only reflect the values of the institution but also serve as an inspiration to her colleagues and peers.

The Patient Experience Award acknowledges the critical role played by healthcare professionals like Jessica Cringoli in providing exceptional care that goes beyond medical treatment. It recognizes the significance of delivering personalized attention and compassionate support to patients, enhancing their overall experience at the hospital.

The unwavering commitment of healthcare providers like Jessica is a cornerstone of MedStar Southern Maryland’s mission to deliver outstanding healthcare services to the community. The hospital is grateful for her invaluable contributions and congratulates her on this well-deserved recognition.

As we honor Jessica Cringoli for her extraordinary dedication, we also extend our gratitude to all the healthcare professionals at MedStar Southern Maryland and beyond. Their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication continue to positively impact the lives of countless patients and their families.

MedStar Southern Maryland encourages everyone to join in expressing their appreciation to Jessica for her exceptional work and dedication to patient care. Her commitment to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of patients is an inspiration to all, and she serves as a shining example of the exemplary healthcare professionals within the MedStar network.

Congratulations, Jessica Cringoli, on your well-deserved Patient Experience Award!

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