Summer is here, and fishing enthusiasts flock to the Chesapeake Bay region, lured by the promise of bountiful catches. Anglers enjoy a diverse range of fish, with spot, trout, rockfish, perch, and the vanguard of cobia making their presence known. The fishing scene is heating up as temperatures rise, offering a thrilling adventure for those eager to cast their lines.

The spotlight shines on cobia as one lucky angler reeled in a whopping 55-pound specimen just below the Target Ship last Sunday. The impressive catch was made using a live eel as bait in a chum line. Currently, cobia can primarily be found lingering below Windmill Point, awaiting the bay’s temperature to reach a cozy 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers anticipate that the current heatwave will entice them to venture closer to the surface in greater numbers. Though relatively few have been caught in the area so far, the prospect of encountering more of these prized fish is undoubtedly exciting.

While Cobia steals the show, the real sensation is the ongoing spot run. These delectable Norfolk Spot have taken the bay, rivers, and creeks by storm, voraciously attacking anything edible in sight. Anglers have successfully used various baits such as bloodworms, Fishbites, lug worms, squid, shrimp, nightcrawlers, and bits of razor clam. The sheer abundance of spot is almost overwhelming, with these feisty fish often nibbling away at bait intended for white perch. Although small, they are growing at an impressive rate, promising a rewarding experience for those who land them.

On the other hand, Rockfish seem to be playing a game of hide and seek. A well-executed strategy involving casting bucktails, jigs with plastics, swimming plugs, and other techniques around structures in creeks and rivers during running tides has yielded fruitful catches. Trollers navigating the waters near the 301 Bridge in the Potomac area also report reasonable success rates. While the elusive nature of rockfish may pose a challenge for anglers, the thrill of the chase and the ultimate reward of a satisfying catch make the pursuit all the more exhilarating.

Meanwhile, a remarkable speckled sea trout run is underway, captivating lure casters who are reaping daily rewards in the mouth of the Potomac. The trout are accompanied by a mix of bluefish and rockfish, providing a delightful variety for anglers. The Cedar Point rock pile and the rip are favored hotspots for trout and rockfish alike, where small bluefish can be spotted schooling together.

White perch fishing is currently at its prime, mainly when the tides are in motion, attracting both bottom fishermen and Beetle Spin casters. This period offers an ideal opportunity to indulge in the pursuit of these prized fish.

The Potomac and Patuxent rivers teem with catfish for those seeking an arm-wrestling challenge. Anglers armed with fresh alewife as bait can expect rewarding encounters with these strong and elusive fighters.

Crab enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the season is at its peak. They use fresh alewife or razor clams as bait promising to attract these delectable crustaceans from miles around, ensuring a sumptuous feast for those fortunate enough to drop their pots.

Last but not least, largemouth bass are putting on a show of their own, displaying exceptional activity levels that will excite bass fishing enthusiasts.

With such an enticing array of fishing opportunities, it’s no wonder that anglers eagerly embrace the call of the waters. The arrival of summer has brought a surge of excitement among fishing enthusiasts as they embark on thrilling fishing adventures in the Chesapeake Bay region. The bounty of catches, including spot, cobia, rockfish, trout, perch, and more, has created a buzz among anglers, each eager to test their skills and land their prized trophies.

One of the most talked-about catches recently was a remarkable 55-pound cobia captured just below the Target Ship last Sunday. This incredible fish was enticed by a live eel presented in a chum line, an irresistible temptation for the lucky angler. While cobia can still be found below Windmill Point, they are patiently waiting for the bay’s temperature to reach a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit. As the scorching summer heat persists, anglers anticipate that cobia will become more active and plentiful in the coming weeks. Although the number of cobia caught in the area has been limited thus far, the excitement of encountering more of these impressive fish looms large.

However, the true highlight of the fishing scene lies in the ongoing spot run, which has reached a fever pitch. These delectable Norfolk Spot have inundated the bay, rivers, and creeks, leaving anglers with abundant opportunities to reel in their share of these voracious feeders. Spot can be enticed with various baits, including bloodworms, Fishbites, lug worms, squid, shrimp, nightcrawlers, and razor clam fragments. Their sheer abundance has led to some pesky encounters, as this hungry spot eagerly snatches bits of bait intended for white perch. Although small, these fish are growing rapidly, promising an exciting challenge for anglers and a delectable reward on the dinner table.

The elusive rockfish, known for their game of hide and seek, have captivated the attention of skilled anglers. Successful catches have been reported through techniques such as casting bucktails, jigs with plastics, and swimming plugs around structures in the creeks and rivers, particularly during running tides. Trollers traversing the waters near the 301 Bridge in the Potomac area have also found favorable conditions for rockfish. While pursuing rockfish may require patience and strategic finesse, the thrill of a successful catch is an exhilarating experience that keeps anglers returning for more.

In addition to the excitement surrounding cobia, spot, and rockfish, a remarkable speckled sea trout run is underway, captivating lure casters. The mouth of the Potomac has become a hotbed for these magnificent trout, with anglers reaping daily rewards. Alongside the trout, anglers will also encounter a mix of bluefish and rockfish, adding to the diversity and excitement of the fishing experience. The Cedar Point rock pile and the rip are particularly productive spots for trout and rockfish, with schools of small bluefish congregating in these areas as well.

The current conditions offer prime fishing opportunities for those pursuing white perch, especially when the tides are in motion. Bottom fishermen and Beetle Spin casters can expect fruitful encounters with these prized fish, providing a delightful angling experience.

Moving beyond the main attractions, the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers offer a haven for catfish enthusiasts. Armed with fresh alewife as bait, anglers with strong arms can look forward to engaging in thrilling battles with these tenacious fighters.

As summer unfolds, crab lovers have every reason to rejoice, as the season is in full swing. Crabs are abundant and eagerly respond to fresh alewife or razor clams as bait, attracting them from miles around. With pots dropped into the water, seafood feasts are just waiting to be enjoyed by those fortunate enough to partake. The lively activity of largemouth bass adds another dimension to the fishing scene. These spirited fighters showcase their agility and strength, giving anglers thrilling battles and memorable catches.

With such a diverse range of fishing opportunities and an abundance of species, anglers of all skill levels eagerly embrace the call of the waters. Whether it’s the allure of landing a massive cobia, the excitement of the ongoing spot run, the pursuit of elusive rockfish, or the challenge of reeling in speckled sea trout, the Chesapeake Bay region offers an unparalleled fishing experience.

As the summer progresses, anglers must stay informed about regulations and restrictions to ensure sustainable fishing practices. The responsible handling and release of undersized or protected species contribute to preserving the region’s rich aquatic ecosystem, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the thrill of fishing.

So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice hoping to cast your first line, there’s no better time than now to embark on a fishing adventure in the Chesapeake Bay. With spot, cobia, rockfish, trout, perch, and various other species making their presence known, the possibilities are endless. Grab your gear, prepare your bait, and get ready to make unforgettable memories on the sparkling waters of the bay.


Ken Lamb of St. Mary’s Tacklebox provided information for the Fishing Report.

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