CalvertHealth Medical Center proudly announces the recognition of Amanda Leonard, a nurse whose exceptional clinical skills and compassionate care have earned her the prestigious DAISY Award. The DAISY Award is an internationally recognized program that acknowledges and celebrates the outstanding contributions of nurses in providing exceptional patient experiences.

Leonard’s commitment to delivering extraordinary care has made her a role model within the nursing community at CalvertHealth Medical Center. Her consistent demonstration of excellence in clinical expertise and unwavering compassion has set her apart as a remarkable healthcare professional.

The DAISY Award Honoree is chosen based on the heartfelt testimonials of patients and their families. One patient, in particular, expressed their gratitude for Leonard’s exceptional qualities in a letter. The excerpt from the letter captures the impact she made on the patient’s experience:

“Amanda exuded numerous qualities that a great nurse should possess. She had an amazing heart, she was empathetic, she had such attention to detail, self-awareness, and so kind. She went above and beyond to make me comfortable and feel better. She builds trust with her patients, which I appreciate! I have had many hospital visits, and have never felt this much comfort. I was allowed to let my guard down, and I felt seen & heard. God bless you, Amanda!”

The heartfelt praise from patients exemplifies Leonard’s commitment to providing exceptional care and creating a comforting environment for those in need. By going above and beyond, she not only meets the clinical needs of her patients but also establishes genuine connections that foster trust and emotional well-being.

The DAISY Award is a testament to nurses’ remarkable contributions in the healthcare field. It recognizes nurses’ significant impact on patients’ lives and acknowledges their tireless efforts to improve the overall patient experience. Leonard’s achievement reflects the dedication and professionalism of nurses at CalvertHealth Medical Center.

The DAISY Foundation established the DAISY Award program, a nonprofit organization that aims to express gratitude to nurses worldwide. The foundation was created in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who passed away at the age of 33 due to complications from an autoimmune disease. His family was inspired to create the program as a way to honor the compassionate care provided by the nurses during his hospitalization.

As a DAISY Honoree, Leonard joins the ranks of exceptional nurses globally who have been recognized for their extraordinary contributions to patient care. The award serves as a reminder of nurses’ positive impact on individuals and communities.

CalvertHealth Medical Center congratulates Amanda Leonard on her outstanding achievement. Her dedication, compassion, and clinical expertise make her an invaluable asset to the nursing profession. Her recognition as a DAISY Honoree highlights her commitment to delivering exceptional care and inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

CalvertHealth Medical Center encourages the community to join them in celebrating Amanda Leonard’s remarkable accomplishments and nurses’ vital role in providing exceptional healthcare experiences.

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