The Patuxent River has become a haven for anglers as the summer fishing season kicks into high gear. The river, known for its diverse fish population, teems with spot and white perch, offering plentiful opportunities for fishing enthusiasts.

Spot, a popular saltwater fish species, can be abundant throughout the river. Anglers have reported catching spot in schools near the mouth of the Patuxent, where they are seen circling on the water’s surface. These medium-sized spot are a delight for anglers, and in a matter of weeks, they are expected to grow into jumbos. Spot is known to have a particular fondness for bloodworms but is also receptive to various other baits.

White perch, another sought-after species, can be found in many river areas. Beetle spins and Perch Hounders in white and orange have proven to be particularly effective in enticing these fish. Anglers are advised to plan their outings during moving tides for the best chance of success in catching white perch.

For lure casters, rockfish can be found in the rivers around various structures during the early hours of dawn and dusk. These prime fishing times offer an excellent opportunity to target rockfish, also known as striped bass.

Cobia, a highly prized game fish, is making their way into the Patuxent River. Trollers have reported success using surgical eels as bait, while chum liners have found live eels or live spot to be effective in attracting cobia. Anglers targeting this elusive species are advised to focus their efforts in areas where cobia is known to frequent.

Crabbing enthusiasts will also enjoy plenty of excitement in the Patuxent River. Crabs are plentiful and of good size, making it a rewarding experience for those using chicken necks and hand traps. Waterfront homeowners utilizing crab pots have reported daily catches using alewife and razor clams as bait.

The Patuxent River’s abundance of fish species and favorable fishing conditions make it an attractive destination for anglers of all skill levels. Whether it’s the thrill of reeling in a prized rockfish or the satisfaction of catching a bounty of crabs, there’s something for everyone on the river.

As the summer progresses, fishing enthusiasts can look forward to more exciting opportunities and possibly encounter even more species in these productive waters. It is advisable to stay informed about local fishing regulations and obtain the necessary licenses to ensure a responsible and enjoyable fishing experience.

Those interested in exploring the Patuxent River’s fishing potential should consult local fishing guides and charter services, who can provide valuable insights and assistance in planning successful fishing trips.

With spot and white perch plentiful, rockfish active around river structures, cobia making their presence known, and crabs aplenty, the Patuxent River promises an exhilarating and fruitful fishing season for all who venture out onto its waters.

Information for the Fishing Report is provided by Ken Lamb of the St. Mary’s Tackle Box.

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