La Plata, Maryland – The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is set to open enrollment for its homeschool programming on July 12. As the demand for alternative education options continues to rise in popularity throughout the region, CSM’s Kids’ and Teen College is expanding its offerings to St. Mary’s County, providing families with a supportive community and a customizable homeschool experience.

Homeschool students, parents, and CSM program instructors from the La Plata Campus enjoy an end-of-year pizza party. This fall CSM’s Homeschool Program will be offered at CSM’s Leonardtown Campus. Registration opens July 12.

Since its inception in 2019, CSM’s homeschool program has experienced exponential growth, attracting nearly 300 students across various classes. This trend is reflected statewide, with homeschooled children now accounting for 4.6 percent of the public-school K-12 population in Maryland, according to the Maryland Home School Association’s (MDHSA) November 2020 report. The number of homeschooled children in Maryland has surpassed 40,000, with 4,586 students being homeschooled in Southern Maryland during the 2020-2021 school year.

Dr. Tony Warrick, CSM Youth Program Manager, expressed his commitment to creating a sense of community among students and parents. “I take it as a personal challenge to let every family who walks through our doors know that they are not alone,” Warrick said. “If we can help new families face their fears, walk with them, and deal with their concerns, then we are succeeding.”

Participating families have highly regarded CSM’s homeschool program. Maggie Mudd-Stewart, a parent whose children have been enrolled since the program’s inception, praised the program’s unique blend of a co-op mindset and classroom structure. Mudd-Stewart commended the access to professors, professionals with degrees, and lab equipment, allowing her to customize her children’s education.

Another homeschooling family, the Shaws, highlighted the importance of community support. Desair Shaw, the mother of two homeschooled children, expressed her satisfaction with CSM’s vision for the homeschool program and its dedication to meeting the needs and goals of homeschooling families. The Shaws have received scholarships through the CSM Foundation, fostering a sense of mutual support between the institution and families.

Dr. Warrick envisions creating pathways for families to transition from public schools to the homeschool community and ultimately building a pipeline from homeschooling to CSM and beyond. Registration for fall homeschool classes at CSM begins on July 12.

For more information on CSM’s Kids’ and Teen College and to explore the class schedule, please visit the official website [].

In conclusion, the College of Southern Maryland’s homeschool programming has gained significant traction and will now extend its services to St. Mary’s County. With enrollment opening on July 12, families can join a supportive community and enjoy a customizable homeschool experience. The program’s success aligns with the growing trend of homeschooling throughout Maryland. Testimonials from participating families highlight the unique benefits and community support CSM offers. Driven by their commitment to lifelong learning, CSM aims to build pathways from public schools to homeschooling and further educational opportunities.

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