Charles County, MD – The Charles County Department of Health has received an alert from the Maryland Department of the Environment regarding a recent sewage spill in Virginia. This spill has raised concerns about the potential impact on a section of the Potomac River, specifically from Swan Point to Cobb Point.

In response to the alert, the Charles County Department of Health has immediately closed swimming and water contact areas within the affected zone. This precautionary measure will remain in effect until bacteriological samples confirm that the water is safe for recreational activities. To ensure the continued safety of the waterway, the health department is conducting additional sampling today and on Monday in addition to their routine sampling efforts. Identifiable water access points will be marked with signage to inform the public of the closure.

Furthermore, the spill has prompted restrictions on shellfish harvesting areas within the impacted zone. Effective immediately, shellfish harvesting activities will be prohibited from July 5, 2023, through July 27, 2023. This measure aims to safeguard public health and prevent the consumption of contaminated shellfish.

The sewage spill originated in Virginia and has raised concerns among environmental authorities due to the potential risks it poses to the Potomac River ecosystem. Sewage spills can introduce harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants into the water, posing health hazards to humans and marine life.

In light of these concerns, the Charles County Department of Health works closely with the Maryland Department of the Environment to monitor the situation and mitigate potential risks. By conducting additional sampling and implementing the closure of swimming and water contact areas, they are taking proactive measures to ensure the community’s well-being and protect public health.

Water quality testing is a crucial step in determining the safety of recreational water activities. Bacteriological samples collected during the sampling process will be carefully analyzed to assess the presence of harmful pathogens and determine whether it is safe for people to engage in swimming or other water-related activities.

The Charles County Department of Health urges residents and visitors to adhere to the closure notices and avoid any contact with the water in the affected areas until further notice. It is important to prioritize public health and safety by refraining from swimming, fishing, or any other water activities until the authorities declare the water as safe for use.

Local shellfish harvesters are also advised to comply with the restrictions imposed on the impacted areas. These temporary measures aim to prevent the harvesting and consumption of contaminated shellfish, which could pose serious health risks if consumed.

The Charles County Department of Health will continue closely monitoring the situation and updating the public as new information becomes available. The community’s cooperation in adhering to the closure notices and restrictions is essential to prevent any potential health issues associated with the sewage spill.

As the authorities work to address the sewage spill and its consequences, the public must remain vigilant and prioritize their well-being. By staying informed and following the guidelines provided by the health department, residents and visitors can help ensure a swift resolution to this environmental concern and the return to normal recreational activities in the affected areas.

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