To promote safe boating and swimming activities in Maryland’s waterways, the Maryland Natural Resources Police is strongly reminding residents and visitors alike to take necessary precautions. With the summer season in full swing, authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to safety protocols to prevent accidents and fatalities. This year has already witnessed many boating-related deaths and drownings, prompting the need for increased awareness and vigilance.

Credit: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland, renowned as one of the nation’s premier destinations for summertime water recreation, has seen a surge in individuals flocking to its waterways, state parks, rivers, and streams. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Josh Kurtz emphasizes the significance of following safety regulations and protocols.

The Department of Natural Resources offers various online resources to enhance safety knowledge. These include online Boating Safety Courses, State Regulations for Recreational Vessels, and Swimming Safety tips. Authorities strongly encourage boaters and swimmers to familiarize themselves with these resources and state and local boating laws to ensure compliance and minimize risks.

To enhance boater safety, experts recommend wearing properly fitting life jackets, abstaining from alcohol consumption, and adhering to speed and navigation rules. Moreover, swimmers and visitors are advised to exercise caution around bodies of water. This involves avoiding fast-moving water, exercising extreme care on wet and slippery rocks, refraining from swimming alone, and maintaining sobriety while enjoying Maryland’s waterways. Special attention should also be given to identifying and steering clear of hazards such as dams and waterfalls.

Visitors to Maryland’s state parks and recreational facilities must respect and observe designated areas where swimming or boating activities are strictly prohibited. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for the safety of all individuals involved.

Highlighting their commitment to public safety, Maryland Natural Resources Police Captain Catherine Medellin confirms that officers will be actively conducting boating safety patrols and engaging waterway users in conversations and educational initiatives. This proactive approach aims to raise awareness and educate individuals about the importance of responsible water recreation practices.

As the summer season continues, boaters, swimmers, and recreational enthusiasts need to prioritize safety and take the necessary precautions when venturing into Maryland’s waterways. By adhering to established regulations, utilizing available online resources, and exercising caution and common sense, Marylanders can enjoy their water-related activities while minimizing the risks associated with accidents and drownings. The Maryland Natural Resources Police emphasizes that public safety remains their top priority and encourages the community’s active participation in creating a safe and enjoyable environment.

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