Get Modafinil Prescription NOW: Tips To Succeed

Modafinil Prescription Key Takeaways

  • Modafinil, brand-name Provigil, is used on-label (FDA-approved) to treat sleep work shift disorder, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea;
  • Modafinil off-label indications are ADHD, depression is a mood disorder, cancer-related fatigue, multiple sclerosis-related fatigues, and cocaine dependence;
  • Research suggests that modafinil is effective in improving healthy individuals’ cognitive capabilities;
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What Are FDA-Approved Medical Conditions For Prescribing Modafinil?

Modafinil is an FDA-Approved Schedule IV drug used to treat sleep work shift disorder (SWSD), narcolepsy, and obstructive sleep apnea (OAS). Modafinil, a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant, is a first-line treatment for narcolepsy and SWSD.

What Are The Off-Lable Indications For Prescribing Modafinil?

Modafinil off-label indications include multiple sclerosis-related fatigue, cancer-related fatigue, cocaine dependence, acute unipolar and bipolar depressive episodes, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Scientific research suggests that modafinil can be prescribed as a “cognitive enhancement” agent in off-label settings, but further research is needed. Modafinil is used as an off-label drug often as a “study drug”, especially among students to help them concentrate more on revision or assignments.

Do You Need a Prescription For Modafinil (Provigil) and Why?

Modafinil, chemical name C15H15NO2S, is a controlled substance classified as a Schedule IV substance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Modafinil is a prescription medication known as a synthetic stimulant, smart drug, or smart protein, and can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor may recommend modafinil for sleep disorders, shift work sleep disorders, sleep apnea, or off-label prescribing.

How to Get Modafinil Prescription?

Modafinil is usually prescribed based on the diagnosed health condition. Patients with narcolepsy, those who fall asleep easily, those that can not stay awake, or patients suffering from other excessive sleepiness diseases may get their hands on a modafinil prescription from their doctor. Modafinil was approved for the treatment of narcolepsy in December 1998, shift work sleep disorder in October 2003, and obstructive sleep apnea in June 2004.

Healthcare providers can write modafinil prescriptions for off-label use. You may be recommended modafinil if you do not have a problem with sleep, but have other health conditions (like ADHD) for which modafinil is known to be an effective treatment option. Doctors will most likely recommend modafinil to help in managing such a health condition.

It’s best not to mention your need for modafinil for personal use, rather state the experienced symptoms. If the doctor does not recommend modafinil, you may politely suggest it with valid reasons.

Can You Have Access to a Modafinil Prescription Online?

Modafinil online ordering is easy, if you have the correct information. Your doctor will give you a modafinil prescription for purchase at a reputable online pharmacy. In many Asian or South American countries, it’s possible to buy modafinil online without any prescription in small quantities legally for personal usage. These countries where modafinil can be purchased online without a prescription include India, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. It’s not illegal to possess the drug without a prescription.

Can You Get Modafinil Prescription Over The Phone?

There is a stimulant prescription caution for drugs like modafinil due to fears from the professionals and government about the risk of misuse and abuse, and the inability to stop taking modafinil (dependence). All these risks could easily materialize with online modafinil consultation services. Therefore, rules and guidelines have been established that restrict getting modafinil over the phone.

Modafinil is not restricted when you schedule a physical consultation with your doctor. Doctors can still write a modafinil prescription for patients that need it. It’s the doctor’s jurisdiction to determine whether modafinil is the right drug considering the patient’s symptoms.

Why Can’t You Get a Prescription for Modafinil?

Individuals who have hypersensitivity or allergy to modafinil or any of its ingredients (lactose monohydrate, povidone, croscarmellose sodium, and magnesium stearate), or cardiovascular problems (hypertension, heart disease, etc.) can’t get a prescription for modafinil.

Other negative side effects of modafinil include dermatological reactions, angioedema and anaphylaxis reaction, stomach pains, headaches, dizziness, and trouble thinking or controlling movements. Modafinil is not a suitable replacement for natural sleep or exercise. Doctors give a modafinil prescription based on the patient’s health condition assessment.

Who Is Not Eligible For Modafinil Prescription and Why?

Modafinil is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It acts by blocking the dopamine that is not absorbed completely by the receiving nerve after its release from the primary nerve. This extracellular dopamine is the cause of wakefulness feelings associated with modafinil use.

Patients receiving modafinil for the first should be aware of modafinil effects. It’s recommended to start taking modafinil with the lowest dose (i.e. modafinil 100mg – 200mg) to reduce unwanted side effects. Regular users who have had an allergic reaction or skin rash while on modafinil should stop using it. Modafinil may cause a very serious skin reaction that may require immediate medical attention if modafinil intake is not stopped.

What Kind Of Doctors Prescribe Modafinil (Provigil)?

According to the FDA, modafinil is prescribed by a psychiatrist, endocrinologist or neurologist, internist, or sleep specialist. The Primary Care Physician (PCP) may also recommend modafinil after the aforementioned specialists have established a diagnosis. Also, a pulmonologist may recommend modafinil, brand name Provigil, in a situation where respiratory troubles are affecting the patient’s sleep patterns.

What If Your Doctor Won’t Prescribe Modafinil (Provigil)?

Your healthcare provider may decide not to recommend modafinil even if you think modafinil is the best. If you want modafinil, you should be plain and honest with your doctor. Be specific and demonstrate the symptoms, including their onset and severity to your doctor. Do not try to lie or fake your symptoms, your doctor will likely detect that. Allow your doctor to diagnose and recommend suitable medication. Do not self-diagnose or assume that modafinil is best for you.

What Your Doctor Must Know Before Prescribing Modafinil For You?

If you need a modafinil prescription, tell your doctor of any allergic reactions to modafinil or any other inactive ingredients contained in modafinil or if you have any other allergies. Tell your doctor about your medication and medical history, especially for heart problems such as chest pain, heart attack, and high blood pressure. You must also mention, if applicable, your liver problems, depression, mania, and personal or family history of substance use or abuse of stimulants such as amphetamines. Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Call your doctor immediately if you become pregnant while on modafinil. Modafinil could impose harm on an unborn baby.

Should You Take Modafinil Without a Prescription?

It’s not recommended to take modafinil without a prescription. Modafinil has become so popular because of its mood-brightening and memory-enhancing effects. It’s also well known for its waking effect, hence its use in various sleep disorders. Modafinil could also treat memory loss due to dementia, ADHD, jet lag, and fatigue due to irregular sleep schedules and long work hours or illness.

On-label and off-label modafinil uses are becoming common among young people without considering the harmful side effects. Modafinil may cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, fever, blurred vision, nervousness, mental confusion, increased thirst, urination, or difficulty sleeping. Negative effects could be added to your medical condition after you start taking modafinil.

What Is Off-Label Modafinil Prescription?

Off-label modafinil prescription is the one determined by clinicians or medication prescribers (depending on the doctor’s clinical experience). It’s based on the clinical needs and suitability of modafinil outside the FDA-approved indications. For example, modafinil is not licensed for use in multiple sclerosis to treat fatigue and sleepiness. Modafinil has been successfully used off-label in several clinical trials related to depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Is Modafinil a Prescription Nootropic?

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances or drugs that affect cognitive functions such as boosting your mood, attention, creativity, motivation, and performance in healthy people. Modafinil is a prescription nootropic drug approved by FDA in 1998 to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder.

Scientific research suggests that modafinil helps with cognitive advancement (learning, focus, and memory), hence its abuse. Despite federal control, you may purchase modafinil for off-label use from pharmacies that sell modafinil online. It’s possible to get a doctor to sign your prescription or write you a modafinil prescription. Even though modafinil is safer (low probability of abuse and dependence development) when compared with other stimulants, it should still be used with caution.

Does Insurance or Medicare Cover Prescription Modafinil?

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans cover prescription drugs while Part D covers 71% of modafinil prescriptions.

How Much Does a 30-Day Supply of 200mg Modafinil Cost Without Insurance?

The 30-day supply of generic 200mg modafinil ranges between $69.00-$350.63 while the cost of brand-name (Provigil) ranges between $1,161.35 and $1,224.46. One tablet prescription of generic 200mg modafinil will cost around $2.30-$11.69 depending on the pharmacy you purchase it from (Ride AID, CVS Pharmacy, ModafinilXL, or Duane Reade by Walgreens). These prices are meant for customers paying cash or card and are not valid when they have an active insurance plan. The price for generic modafinil (Modalert, Modafinil MD, Modafresh, Modawake, Modaheal, etc.) can be as little as $0.9 per tablet if you buy modafinil in bulk from countries like India.

Do You Need a Prescription for Modafinil in Different Countries?

In the US, modafinil is a controlled substance, classified as a Schedule IV drug, that has a low tendency for abuse. It’s illegal to import, export, manufacture, and distribute modafinil except with a license from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).

People aside, DEA may legally import the nootropic into the U.S. with a valid prescription. An individual without a prescription can be arrested for having modafinil. The UK, Finland, Germany, Argentina, Philippines, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, and Australia regulatory boards classify modafinil as a prescription-only medicine (POM). Modafinil in Canada is classified as a Schedule F prescription medicine in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Who Can Prescribe Modafinil in the UK?

A GP (general practitioner) or a specialist who is licensed for the diagnosis can prescribe stimulants such as modafinil in the United Kingdom (UK).

Who Can Prescribe Modafinil in Canada?

Doctors are licensed to prescribe modafinil in Canada.

Can You Buy Modafinil Over-The-Counter Like Other Drugs?

Modafinil is a Schedule IV prescription drug and can’t be purchased over the counter (OTC). However, you can legally buy modafinil OTC in small quantities from India as the prescription drug dispensing regulation isn’t tightly enforced in India.

Is It Illegal To Buy Modafinil Without a Prescription?

In the US, it’s illegal to buy modafinil without a prescription. It’s illegal to resell modafinil even if you have a valid prescription.

Is It Possible to Buy Modafinil Online Safely?

Safe purchase of modafinil online is very easy. There are licensed and approved pharmacies online that offer safe ways of buying modafinil online legally. Most of these online pharmacies offer guaranteed delivery, free shipping, and multiple payment methods.

Best Online Pharmacies To Buy Modafinil Without a Prescription

The best online pharmacies to buy modafinil without a prescription are:

All of these online pharmacies offer competitive pricing, free trials (up to 20 modafinil and armodafinil tablets), shipping and delivery guarantees, multiple payment methods (including Bitcoin), order privacy, and experienced pharmacists consultations.

What Are Modafinil Alternatives That Don’t Require a Doctor’s Prescription?

Modafinil alternatives that do not require a prescription include:

Modafinil Prescription FAQs

Is There an Over The Counter Modafinil?

Modafinil is available only with a prescription from your doctor. There is no OTC modafinil in the US.

Can I Get a Modafinil Prescription for ADHD?

Modafinil is not approved by the FDA for Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD). However, it may be prescribed as an off-label indication by your doctor. Several scientific studies suggest that modafinil can be an effective treatment for ADHD.

Why Is Modafinil Not Approved for ADHD?

Modafinil has been classified as a controlled substance (C-IV) by FDA because of the risk of abuse and dependence.

Where To Get Modafinil Coupons?

You may get coupons for modafinil at pharmacies such as CVS Pharmacy, Target, Walmart, Kroger, and others to save some amount on your purchase.,, and offer multiple modafinil coupons for online purchases.

Does NiceRx Offer Modafinil Coupons?

NiceRx does not offer coupons for modafinil but only provides a service that helps eligible persons access the patient assistance program for modafinil.

Can NiceRx Help Me Get Modafinil If I Have Insurance?

Yes, NiceRX can help you to get modafinil if your insurance firm will not pay for your modafinil purchase. You’ll get a high co-pay or co-insurance responsibility.

Modafinil Overview

  • Michel Jouvet and Lafon Laboratories (a pharmaceutical company in Maisons-Alfort) developed modafinil in the 1970s.
  • Modafinil with the brand Provigil is a centrally-acting stimulant used for sleepiness.
  • Modafinil is a racemic compound with the chemical name 2-[(phenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide.
  • The molecular formula and molecular weight are C15H15NO2S and 273.35g/mol respectively.
  • Although modafinil has a low risk of abuse and dependence, it’s classified as a stimulant (C-IV), hence prohibited in sports like steroids.
  • The FDA-approved modafinil indications are narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or shift work sleep disorders.
  • Modafinil can help decrease your rate of sleepiness, however, it can not cure your sleepiness hence continue your recommended dose of modafinil even if you feel well-rested.
  • Modafinil works by increasing the level of dopamine in the brain while reducing the reuptake of dopamine into the nerve (extracellular dopamine).
  • Modafinil doesn’t replace getting enough sleep, hence should not be used for occasional sleepiness.
  • Modafinil should not be taken in a larger dose, taken often or for a long period of time against the doctor’s recommended or stipulated time.
  • Modafinil can affect your thinking or reaction time. Do not drive, operate machines or do anything that requires alertness.
  • Try to study how modafinil dose affects your wakefulness level before you engage in any activities.
  • Do not consume alcohol or any alcoholic beverage while on modafinil.  
  • It’s important to reduce excessive caffeine consumption such as coffee, teas, colas, chocolate, and some herbal substances while on modafinil. Caffeine intake should be reduced by avoiding caffeine-containing medications. High intake of caffeine may increase the risk of nausea, nervousness, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, etc.
  • There may be severe skin reactions when on modafinil. Stop using modafinil and inform your doctor immediately, if you have blistering, peeling, red skin lesions, severe acne or skin rash, sores, or skin ulcer, while using modafinil.
  • Modafinil can also cause a serious type of allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis could be life-threatening hence get immediate medical attention.
  • Do not continue taking modafinil and notify your doctor, if you notice you have a skin rash, itching, hives, hoarseness, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing; or any swelling of your hands, face, or mouth while on this medicine.
  • The side effects of modafinil include anxiety, headache, nausea, nervousness, back pain, belching, decrease in appetite, diarrhea, difficulty having a bowel movement, dryness of the mouth and skin, etc.

Adjustments to modafinil doses can be necessary to minimize potential side effects. In case of experiencing side effects, consult your modafinil prescription doctor or report to FDA at or 1-800-FDA-1088

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