During summer, fishing enthusiasts adjust their tactics as protective measures for striped bass take effect. Anglers are reminded that targeting or fishing for striped bass in the Potomac River and the bay is strictly prohibited. However, there is good news for fishing enthusiasts, as alternative options, such as bottom fishing, have yielded excellent results. Abundant spot and decent croakers have been spotted in various locations, providing an enticing opportunity for anglers.

For those seeking a different challenge, the mouth of the Potomac River and the salt islands offer the chance to pursue speckled trout. Additionally, slot redfish can be found scattered throughout the area, while tiny reds can be spotted in the creeks alongside white perch.

Last Wednesday, three anglers embarked on an adventure aboard Capt. Brady Bounds’ boat, Miss Lena, targeted white perch and rockfish on the Patuxent River. Just a few days before the summer closure, the anglers employed surface poppers near Sotterly and the mouth of St. Leonard’s Creek. Their lures attracted the attention of striped bass, resulting in several thrilling explosions on the water’s surface. Although some hits were missed, the anglers adjusted their strategy and turned to cast tiny spinner baits for perch.

Continuing their fishing expedition, the group traveled from the mouth of Miles Creek on the Calvert shore towards the river’s entrance, following the clay banks. Their efforts paid off as they steadily caught perch for several hours. Carefully selecting fish measuring at least 9 inches, they kept 24 specimens. Among the lures used, a ¼ ounce orange Beetle Spin tipped with a piece of bloodworm proved the most effective, outperforming other more elaborate options. A white Perch Pounder lure also enticed some of the larger perch. Although rockfish were present and tempted by the anglers’ perch lures, no successful hook-ups were achieved. By 10:30 a.m., with the temperature at a warm 85 degrees, the anglers concluded their excursion and returned to the Solomons boat ramp, eager to clean their catch.

As the summer progresses, anglers can anticipate the arrival of cobia and Spanish mackerel. Sunday’s fishing reports revealed the capture of several sizable cobia at Smith Point, amplifying the excitement among fishing enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, in the mouth of the Patuxent River, anglers have reported successful encounters with cutlass fish, which various types of bait have lured. St. Mary’s Lake and local ponds have also become hotspots for bluegill, crappie, and pickerel, offering a diverse range of fishing opportunities for avid anglers.

While the striped bass season closure may temporarily limit the fishing options for anglers, the abundance of other species and the success stories shared by fellow fishermen promise an eventful and rewarding summer on the waters of the Potomac River and the bay. Fishing enthusiasts are urged to make the most of the available opportunities while eagerly anticipating the reopening of the striped bass season on August 1st.

Information for the fishing report is provided by Ken Lamb of St. mary’s Tacklebox.

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