Travis Evan Patterson, 34, of White Plains Credit: Charles County Sheriff’s Office

Waldorf, July 17, 1:15 p.m. – A traffic stop conducted by officers in the vicinity of Bensville Road and Grassland Court in Waldorf resulted in the arrest of Travis Evan Patterson, 34, of White Plains, on charges of transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle, carrying a loaded handgun on person, and other related offenses. The arrest occurred after officers observed Patterson committing a speeding violation and later witnessed him discarding a gun in the back seat as he pulled over.

In an incident that unfolded on July 17, law enforcement officers in Waldorf noticed a speeding violation committed by a driver in Bensville Road and Grassland Court. Acting promptly, the officers initiated a traffic stop to address the observed violation and ensure public safety.

While pulling over, the traffic stop’s vigilant officer noticed something alarming. As the driver, identified as Travis Evan Patterson, complied with the stop, the officer caught sight of Patterson disposing of a firearm in the vehicle’s back seat. This raised immediate concerns for the officers’ safety and prompted them to exercise caution as they approached the vehicle.

Upon approaching the driver’s side of the car, the officer made a significant discovery. A loaded magazine and an empty holster were observed in Patterson’s lap. Recognizing the potential danger, the officer conducted further investigations with extreme vigilance.

The subsequent search of the vehicle led to the recovery of a firearm in the back seat, along with four fully-loaded magazines. The presence of these dangerous items heightened the seriousness of the situation, and officers took decisive action to ensure public safety.

Travis Evan Patterson, a 34-year-old resident of White Plains, was taken into custody at the scene. He was subsequently charged with transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle, carrying a loaded handgun, and other related charges.

In response to the arrest, Patterson was remanded to the Charles County Detention Center, pending a judicial hearing. However, on July 19, Patterson appeared before a judge, who ordered his release on personal recognizance. The judge’s decision to grant Patterson’s release raised questions about public safety, considering the nature of the charges and the potential risk posed by the possession and transportation of loaded firearms.

As the investigation into the incident continues, PFC Fenlon has taken charge of the case. Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to ascertain all the relevant facts surrounding the incident and will present a comprehensive report to the court.

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