La Plata– In a recent development, the La Plata Police Department has announced a series of promotions, elevating officers to crucial leadership roles within the department. The promotions were made to enhance administrative efficiency and bolster community-oriented policing efforts.

Following a rigorous evaluation of their exemplary service and dedication to upholding the department’s values, six deserving officers have been rewarded with promotions to higher ranks. The La Plata Police Department takes immense pride in recognizing the accomplishments and capabilities of its officers and looks forward to the positive impact these promoted leaders will bring to their new roles.

Lieutenant Michael Payne has been appointed as the Captain – Commander of Administration, leading the list of promotions. With an illustrious career spanning several years, Captain Payne has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a strong commitment to serving the community. His wealth of experience in handling administrative matters makes him a valuable asset in ensuring smooth departmental operations.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Robert Bagley has been elevated to Captain – Commander of Patrol. Captain Bagley’s proven track record of effective policing and an innate ability to handle dynamic situations will undoubtedly serve as a guiding force for his patrol unit. The department places immense trust in his capability to maintain public safety while fostering positive police-citizen relationships.

Another officer recognized for his outstanding contributions is Lieutenant Matthew Norris, who now assumes the role of Captain – Commander of Special Operations. Captain Norris has consistently demonstrated exceptional tactical acumen and a deep understanding of specialized policing. His promotion signifies the department’s commitment to addressing specific challenges in the community and underscores its focus on strategic initiatives.

The promotion of Sergeant Jason Posey to the rank of First Sergeant/Lt. also deserves noteworthy attention. First Sergeant Posey’s dedication and commitment to duty have earned him this prestigious position. With a wealth of experience in various assignments, he will bring a unique perspective to the leadership team.

Corporal John Piersa’s promotion to the rank of Sergeant reflects his unwavering dedication to duty and professional growth. Sergeant Piersa’s leadership skills have already proven instrumental in guiding his team through various law enforcement operations, and his new position will provide an opportunity to continue making a positive impact.

Last but not least, Detective Corporal David Roys’ promotion to the rank of Detective Sergeant is well-deserved. Detective Sergeant Roys’ expertise in investigations and his unwavering pursuit of justice have earned him the respect of his peers and community members. His new position will allow him to take on more significant challenges and responsibilities in solving complex cases.

The La Plata Police Department’s commitment to recognizing and promoting deserving officers underscores the agency’s dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and professionalism. These newly promoted leaders will undoubtedly contribute to the department’s mission of ensuring the safety and well-being of the La Plata community.

The promotions are set to take effect immediately, and the La Plata Police Department is optimistic about the positive outcomes they will bring. Under these capable leaders’ guidance, the department reaffirms its commitment to maintaining public trust, transparency, and community engagement.

As the department moves forward, it anticipates even greater achievements, emphasizing its unwavering dedication to serving and protecting the residents of La Plata.

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