Lexington Park – A large fight in the roadway at Winding Way in Lexington Park turned violent yesterday, resulting in a victim being found unconscious with stab wounds to his back. The victim was quickly airlifted for medical treatment. During the investigation, the authorities identified the assailant as Steve Yair Hernandez-Maldonado, 19.

Hernandez-Maldonado now faces multiple charges in connection to the incident. He has been charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attempted first-degree murder, and attempted second-degree murder. Additionally, two open warrants for Theft and second-degree assault were served to him.

The altercation occurred in broad daylight and prompted an immediate response from the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies swiftly arrived at the scene and discovered the injured victim. The severity of his condition necessitated immediate medical intervention, leading to his evacuation via helicopter.

Authorities have not yet released details surrounding the cause of the altercation, but the incident highlights the alarming increase in violence in the area. The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist with their ongoing investigation.

The suspect, Hernandez-Maldonado, was apprehended after a thorough investigation by law enforcement officers. His involvement in the altercation raises concerns about the community’s safety and whether underlying issues may contribute to such violent behavior.

The charges against Hernandez-Maldonado reflect the gravity of the incident. Attempted first-degree murder is a serious offense and carries significant legal consequences. The suspect will likely face a lengthy trial process as law enforcement and prosecutors build their case.

In addition to the attempted first-degree murder charge, the suspect faces charges of first-degree and second-degree assault. These charges indicate the deliberate intent to harm others and could result in substantial penalties if proven in court.

The open warrants for theft and second-degree assault also raise questions about Hernandez-Maldonado’s past involvement in criminal activities. Authorities will investigate potential connections between these past offenses and the recent violent incident.

As the investigation continues, community members express their concerns over safety and call for proactive measures to prevent such incidents. Local leaders are expected to address these concerns and work towards implementing strategies to curb violence and foster a safer environment for residents.

The Sheriff’s Office remains diligent in its pursuit of justice for the victim and the community. They urge residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or information that could aid in resolving the case.

As developments unfold, the public eagerly awaits further updates from law enforcement and the court system. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for continued efforts to address violence and promote peace within the community.

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