LEONARDTOWN, MD (August 1, 2023) – The St. Mary’s County Health Department (SMCHD) has reason to celebrate as three of its esteemed team members, Tammy Loewe, Kathleen Tippett, and Jacqueline Wells, have been chosen to join expert committees at the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

NACCHO, a national organization representing local and tribal health officials, is crucial in advocating for over 3,000 local health departments (LHDs) across the United States. The organization’s Workgroups bring together subject matter experts to guide NACCHO and local health departments in their initiatives.

Tammy Loewe, Director of Behavioral Health at SMCHD, has been selected to participate in NACCHO’s Behavioral Health Workgroup. She oversees the Behavioral Health Division and leads efforts to prevent and address mental health and substance use issues in St. Mary’s County. Loewe expressed her gratitude and said, “I am privileged to be selected to represent SMCHD on the NACCHO Behavioral Health Workgroup. This opportunity will allow me to provide input and my behavioral health expertise to the workgroup and assure that St. Mary’s has a national voice.”

Jacqueline Wells, Director of Community Engagement and Policy at SMCHD, will join NACCHO’s Public Health Communications Workgroup. In her capacity, Wells oversees health department communications, outreach, health equity initiatives, and policy analysis. She expressed her excitement: “I am honored to represent SMCHD on the NACCHO Public Health Communications Workgroup. I look forward to providing my expertise to the workgroup and bringing back knowledge and tools to SMCHD to advance our communications with the community.”

Kathleen Tippett, the Program Supervisor for SMCHD’s Infectious Disease Control program, has been selected for NACCHO’s Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Workgroup. Tippett manages infectious disease case investigations and outbreak responses in her current role. Sharing her enthusiasm, Tippett said, “I am excited to be part of this workgroup, to share what we offer at SMCHD, and to learn from others about what they are doing at their agencies to improve the health of their communities.”

The selection of these three individuals from SMCHD reflects their immense knowledge and experience in their respective public health areas. Dr. Meena Brewster, St. Mary’s County Health Officer, expressed her pride and appreciation, stating, “These esteemed leaders in our health department are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in their public health topic areas. Their dedication has benefited our community greatly, and I’m thrilled that other local health departments nationwide will learn from their expertise.”

The opportunity for SMCHD team members to participate in NACCHO’s expert committees not only acknowledges their expertise but also highlights the positive impact of their work in St. Mary’s County. As representatives of NACCHO’s Workgroups, Loewe, Wells, and Tippett will have the chance to collaborate with other subject matter experts from various regions. Their contributions to these committees will benefit their local community and pave the way for nationwide improvements in public health initiatives.

The St. Mary’s County Health Department has consistently shown its commitment to addressing public health challenges and providing essential services to the community. The selection of its team members to NACCHO’s expert committees serves as a testament to the department’s dedication and competence in the field of public health.

Through their participation in these workgroups, Tammy Loewe, Jacqueline Wells, and Kathleen Tippett will have the unique opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from peers in their respective fields. As they collaborate with other experts nationwide, their insights will contribute to shaping effective strategies and best practices for addressing various public health issues nationwide.

As these three SMCHD team members embark on their journey with NACCHO’s expert committees, the entire St. Mary’s community eagerly anticipates the positive outcomes resulting from their contributions. Their expertise will not only elevate the status of the local health department but also demonstrate St. Mary’s County as a leader in public health initiatives on the national stage.

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