ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has unveiled a dedicated funding mechanism for conserving the state’s black bass population, thanks to a recently signed legislation. Maryland anglers, boaters, hunters, and other enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to contribute to the cause while purchasing their licenses online directly.

Governor Wes Moore put pen to paper on May 8, establishing the Black Bass Conservation Fund. This fund is part of a voluntary donation program incorporated within the Department of Natural Resources COMPASS licensing system. The aim is to fortify efforts to protect and conserve Maryland’s largemouth and smallmouth bass populations, commonly called black bass.

Smallmouth bass, along with largemouth bass, are collectively known as black bass. Credit: Brett Poffenberger / Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Angler’s Log.

The financial donations collected will be channeled to various conservation efforts. This includes procuring bass for restocking purposes in freshwater locales, installing structures to improve aquatic habitats, acquiring supplies to ensure conservation during bass tournaments, and bolstering scientific research pertinent to conserving these vital resources.

Dr. Joseph Love, the DNR’s program manager for black bass conservation, expressed his optimism about establishing the fund. “This dedicated source of funding has been long in the making and should enable us to do more to make better fisheries for our black bass anglers,” Love said. He pointed out that although current funding has achieved several management goals, expanding access to fisheries and addressing the multifaceted challenges that bass face in the state’s ecosystems necessitates innovative strategies and funding methods.

Among the myriad challenges, fluctuating ecosystems are at the forefront. The increasing prevalence of invasive species, warming waters, rising sea levels, and pressures from developmental activities have all affected the viability of the largemouth and smallmouth bass populations in various Maryland water bodies. Furthermore, the DNR also focuses on enhancing access to bass fishing for anglers. Efforts such as constructing underwater reefs and fishing trails are part of their plan to achieve this objective.

The newly created fund’s allocation will be determined annually, with projects being shortlisted by the DNR and its Black Bass Advisory Committee. This committee comprises a diverse range of experts, including bass anglers, conservationists, tournament directors, fishing guides, and other specialists appointed directly by the department secretary.

This new initiative is a testament to Maryland’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for its natural resources and enriching the experiences of its outdoor enthusiasts. With a dedicated fund, Maryland’s black bass populations are poised for a brighter and more stable future.

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