BALTIMORE — A team of seven pickleball players from Southern Maryland transformed their sportsmanship and camaraderie into a $10,000 windfall after cashing in on the Aug. 4 Mega Millions drawing.

Sporting homemade “Chill Dills Win Bills” T-shirts, the group, buoyed by their win, flocked to the Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim their prize. Their lottery journey began merely a month prior when the women decided to pool their resources, each chipping in $20 for a shot at the coveted jackpot.

Six of the seven Southern Marylanders who won the $10,000 prize celebrate in the Winner’s Circle. Credit: Maryland Lottery

Their initial foray into the Mega Millions saw them win a modest $6, which they promptly reinvested into another drawing. Their luck doubled, earning them $12, which was once again rerolled into the Aug. 4 drawing. Luckily was majorly on their side this time as the third-tier prize was clinched. Their fortunate $2 quick-pick ticket was sourced from the Food Lion #0656, located at 40955 Merchant Lane in Leonardtown.

The thrilling reveal of their win was communicated via text, serving as a late-night surprise for many in the group. Recounting the night, one member said, “I was taking my mom home at 10 minutes to midnight. I said, ‘Hold up!’” Another member was jolted awake by the good news, exclaiming, “I was asleep and woke up to see it.”

After deducting taxes, each “Chill Dills Win Bills” member walked away with approximately $958. The group’s aspirations for their winnings are varied and ambitious. While some have their sights set on travel – with one planning a New York City trip to watch “The Lion King” on Broadway and another anticipating a St. Louis baseball game – another member has set her sights on the pristine beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands for a winter getaway.

In a light-hearted twist, one of the members quipped about their continued lottery pursuits, stating, “Our goal is to win enough to build an indoor pickleball center with a hot tub outside.”

As they embrace their newfound fortune, the jubilant Marylanders are keen to revisit the Lottery Winner’s Circle shortly. In the interim, they remain united on the pickleball courts, nurturing dreams of their successive substantial win.

The group’s win is a testament to the unpredictability and excitement of lottery games. As they continue to revel in their victory, it’s clear that whether on the court or with a lottery ticket in hand, the “Chill Dills Win Bills” team knows how to play the game.

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