ANNAPOLIS, MD – In a move heralded as the next step toward expanding online services, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has introduced an online renewal option for liming materials and fertilizer registrations.

Aimed at streamlining processes and adding ease for business owners, this development is part of the department’s initiative to shift more services to a digital platform. Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Kevin Atticks expressed his enthusiasm about the move, stating, “Offering a simplified renewal and registration procedure for these products is the first step towards more online services, which will eventually include all six commodities and tonnages.” He added, “The department is excited to have this system in place now.”

Previously, businesses dealing in liming materials and fertilizers had to go through the manual procedure of renewal and registration. With the online system in place, it provides a faster and more convenient renewal method for businesses and enables them to track their products. Furthermore, businesses can now print their registration certificates directly from the online platform and facilitate fee payment.

The transition to the online system isn’t just advantageous for the businesses but also benefits the department. One notable benefit is the positive impact on the department’s State Chemist Section. By managing the registrations and renewals online, the section expects considerable time and cost savings.

Business owners must log in using a Registration Number and a PIN to access the online renewal and registration system. These details can be found in the registration packet provided for businesses that have already been in communication with the department. In cases where businesses haven’t received this packet or need to get the login details, they are advised to reach out directly to the State Chemist Section at 410-841-2721.

For those seeking further details or to familiarize themselves with the services provided by the Maryland Department of Agriculture State Chemist Section, a wealth of information is available on their official webpage at

The move towards digitalization in the Department of Agriculture indicates the more significant trend seen across various sectors. As businesses and government agencies continue to seek improved efficiency and ease for end-users, digital solutions, like the one introduced by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, will likely become more commonplace.

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